Verboticism: Myspaceshoot

'That's me in the mirror. Oh my gawd, is that me too?'

DEFINITION: To take a picture of yourself, pointing a camera at yourself, while you admire yourself. Often done in the privacy of your bathroom.

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Created by: johnnyrockett

Pronunciation: eye-fo-to

Sentence: With her new digital camera, she ifotoed all Christmas day.

Etymology: Ifoto - As in Ipod, and the rest of the I phenomenon. It's all about me.


Love the etymology. Good stuff. - fonka99, 2006-12-25: 18:33:00


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Created by: Stump

Pronunciation: Narcee/photo

Sentence: The bathroom not being enough for her, Sally sought out funhouses to feed her narciphotoing habit.

Etymology: Mash of the root words narcissist and photography.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /"när-is-'esh/

Sentence: MySpace and Flickr photo galleries are suffering from a glut of photos of people narcissesching.

Etymology: from Narcissus + Escher

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Created by: hairydoginparis

Pronunciation: nar-snap

Sentence: I narsnapped myself in the bathroom with a camera.

Etymology: nar-narrcissus snap-sound a camera makes

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Created by: mickey666




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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: paw-pa-rot-see-go-ing

Sentence: When paparazzegoing your picture to post online, be sure to check the background for tell-tale signs of toilet paper and other bathroom products.

Etymology: paparrazi, ego

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Created by: currentlyinsolitude

Pronunciation: cock-picture

Sentence: She enjoyed cockpicturing herself and then looking at the photos.

Etymology: It's cocky + picture...duh!

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Created by: ce0brb

Pronunciation: Van-o-tog-raphy

Sentence: Linda Loveherself was an avid vanotographer. She didn't really use her camera for anything else.

Etymology: Vanity & Photography

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Created by: vishalrix

Pronunciation: Nar-ciss-snap

Sentence: When Gail feels a bit low, a session of narcissnapping always works wonders on her mood.

Etymology: Narcissism and Snapshot


I just "joined" to see how big the group was behind this word. Now it seems I can't get out of the "group". Though I came up with the word independently I guess the first person ought to take credit. - vishalrix, 2006-12-26: 04:55:00


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Created by: lauramy

Pronunciation: nahr-sih-sik-nis

Sentence: She had photos of her face from every possible angle but her narcissickness kept her from having a normal life.

Etymology: Narcissistic + sickness

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