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Get an new Verbotomy word challenge and cartoon on your page every day. There are four ways to do it! You can sign up for the Verbotomy Bulletin, our daily email, the Verbotomy Google Gadget, our Daily RSS feed, or you can you can paste our Verbotomy Column into your page. All formats are automatically updated every day.

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Verbotomy by Email

Get the best of Verbotomy delivered to your email inbox. All the latest news from the Verbotomy Blog including the Verbotomy definition, the comic and the top 4 verboticisms of the day.

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Verbotomy Google Gadget

Get Verbotomy on your personalized Google homepage. Includes daily updates with the cartoon and definition.

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Verbotomy Widgetbox for your Blog

Put the daily Verbotomy definition in your Blog sidebar. Works with TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, MySpace as well as most other blogs, sidebars or websites.

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Daily ATOM 1.0 Feed

Feed with cartoon in mini-format (160x160 pixels). See:

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Take the one that fits your definition.

Verbotomy Column

You can also include Verbotomy on your website in a column format 180 x 500 pixels (as show on right). It's designed to fit along side your content. And it's easy to set-up. Just copy and paste the code below into a your webpage. That's it. It automatically updates itself every single day.

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