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DEFINITION: v. To arrange with a friend to phone you with a "crisis" during a blind date, in case you need to make an emergency exit; n. A fake "emergency" phone call that is used to end a blind date.

Pronunciation: owt-call-ih-bye

Sentence: Janice kept looking at her phone. Her best friend was "giving birth" and she had to be on call to help her she told her date she just met for the first time in person. The pre-arranged outcall couldn't come any sooner she thought as he kept inching closer to her in the booth of the diner.

Etymology: out, as in giving someone a way out of a situation + call, a request or command to come + alibi, being somewhere else at a particular time

Created by: pieceof314.

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Ringormorsos: /ring-or-mors-us/ Since Julie wasn't sure if she could let her phone ring or simply vibrate during the date she pleaded with her friend to ringormorsos her so she could make her escape if necessary. Etymology: ring + morse (as in morse code) + SOS + take on rigor mortis Created by: Jabberwocky.
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Phonexit: /fone-exit/ Darlene had made specific arrangements with her friend Marsha to call 20 minutes into her blind date with Richard. She had met him online but when he pressed her for a live meeting she just had a nagging suspicion that he wouldn't be everything he professed to be. So she told Marsha that she needed a phonexit opportunity in case her intuition had been correct - and boy was it ever! She could smell him before he even approached the table and she wished she had arranged for the call the moment he arrived. Etymology: phone + exit Created by: Redrover.
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Punctumate: /PUNCTUate+MATE/ He sounded fine on the internet, but please punctumate me in an hour, just in case. Etymology: PUNCTUate+MATE Created by: rebelvin.
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Today's definition was suggested by doseydotes. Thank you doseydotes. ~ James

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Today's definition was suggested by doseydotes. Thank you doseydotes. ~ James

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