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'That's me in the mirror. Oh my gawd, is that me too?'

DEFINITION: To take a picture of yourself, pointing a camera at yourself, while you admire yourself. Often done in the privacy of your bathroom.

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Created by: librarian

Pronunciation: my'-space-shoot

Sentence: I was myspaceshooting myself last night and my MOM walked in. Ewww.

Etymology: because there are so many pics like this on myspace. so i hear.

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: photo wank

Sentence: frank could not resist having a photowank in the hotel bathroom.

Etymology: well, thats a bit obvious really.

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Created by: geekgrrl

Pronunciation: närs-s-tgr-fee

Sentence: I just love taking photos - especially of myself. I am really into narcistography.

Etymology: Narcissist - Excessive love or admiration of oneself. Photography - The art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs.

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Created by: Stump

Pronunciation: Narcee/photo

Sentence: The bathroom not being enough for her, Sally sought out funhouses to feed her narciphotoing habit.

Etymology: Mash of the root words narcissist and photography.

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Created by: hairydoginparis

Pronunciation: nar-snap

Sentence: I narsnapped myself in the bathroom with a camera.

Etymology: nar-narrcissus snap-sound a camera makes

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Created by: willyoushutthehellup




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Created by: Manhattan

Pronunciation: My-Flekt

Sentence: Anne was going to MyFlect but she realized how cliche it was so she put down the camera and picked up a good Evelyn Waugh novel -- perhaps it was Brideshead Revisited.

Etymology: From MySpace, the online community, and the word reflect.

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Created by: stormee

Pronunciation: Lava The (A) is long sound. pic-tor-ial/snob-erie

Sentence: Most days, you can find Chrissy in the bathroom,admiring herself and snapping away with her camera.

Etymology: Lava/ meaning lavatory. Pictorial/ a layout of pictures. Snoberie/ an obession with ones self.

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Created by: taftouf




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Created by: adobrodt

Pronunciation: POR-tra-FLECK-ting

Sentence: Bob began to understand the story of Narcissus during one of his hours-long sessions of portraflecting.

Etymology: From portrait and reflecting.

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bbooth3 - 2006-12-25: 15:42:00

erasmus erasmus - 2006-12-27: 14:12:00
oohh I like admirroration.