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DEFINITION: n. Strange sounds that keep you awake in the middle of the night. v. To lie in bed unable to sleep because you keep hearing weird sounds.

Pronunciation: kak off inn eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sentence: That creaking cacoffiny coming from the attic, allied to the movement of the curtains on the hermetically sealed window led the countess to feel the need to account for the death of her husband. Unaccountably her countenance grew troubled.

Etymology: cacophony, coffin.

Created by: galwaywegian.


Eerily good! - Tigger, 2008-05-13: 01:24:00

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Audiogrex: /aww-DEE-oh-GRR-ECKS/ Her home it was haunted- of that she was sure. It creaked as it settled-she could not endure. Acoustically creepy with many defects… Madness assured by AUDIOGRE X ! Etymology: AUDIo+OGRE+X= AUDIOGRE X.....AUDIO: of or relating to sound,of or relating to acoustic, mechanical, or electrical frequencies corresponding to normally audible sound waves; Date: 1916 .....OGRE: a dreaded person or object, a hideous giant of fairy tales and folklore that feeds on human beings; French, probably ultimately from Latin Orcus, god of the underworld.....X: an unknown quantity; Usage: often capitalized often attributive Date: before 12th century. Created by: metrohumanx.

Comments: - metrohumanx, 2009-06-24: 00:58:00

WELCOME TO THE FREEZE-DRIED KOOKS MUSEUM. Open for all time and eternity, ceaseless, all-knowing and unchanging. - metrohumanx, 2009-06-24: 00:59:00

Nightbumps: /-ˈnaɪtˌbʌmps-/ We decided that the poltergeist haunting our house must be either blind or clumsy when the nightbumps started sounding more like night-bump-ow-crash-$#!+s. Etymology: from "things that go bump in the night" Created by: ErWenn.

Creakese: /creek - eez/ The house was speaking its creepy creakease with all its settling and contracting in the night. Wide-eyed and drowsily alert maggie lie in bed imagining ghosts and gobblins milling about. Etymology: creak, sound of a rusty gate or noisy floorboards + ese, of a language Created by: arrrteest.


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