Verboticism: Bodywatch

'It's tricky, her knees are pressed together...'

DEFINITION: To overlook or misinterpret non-verbal cues, like body language, which often reveal what a person is truly thinking or feeling.

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Created by: babel

Pronunciation: ob-swerve

Sentence: Jim obswerved that the man with the big knife was smiling at him and decided he must be friendly.

Etymology: observe + swerve

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Created by: antonhere



Etymology: watch body

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Created by: Chistinalove

Pronunciation: 'p&r-si-"küt

Sentence: He had a tendency to persecue me because I tend to smile at others when I run into them.

Etymology: PERSECUTE = Middle English, from Middle French persecuter, back-formation from persecuteur persecutor, from Late Latin persecutor, from persequi to persecute, from Latin, to pursue, from per- through + sequi to follow CUE

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Created by: danboaz

Pronunciation: un-foun-tu-ishun

Sentence: Mike was uncanny in his unfountuition, 100% unreliable.

Etymology: unfounded + intuition

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Created by: johnnyrockett

Pronunciation: Q-less-ness

Sentence: Although he thought the girl wanted to go home with him, Fred was cueless that when she said she was going to the bathroom, she was actually planning to run out the door.

Etymology: Cue - a hint; intimation; guiding suggestion, lessness - as is cluelessness.

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Created by: Kevcom2007

Pronunciation: mis/core/pohl/in/fur/ants

Sentence: "Oh my, that was a tight miscorpalinference! I should really think twice about what she's really getting at!"

Etymology: misunderstanding + corpus + inference

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Created by: msokoloffster

Pronunciation: Ahv - tri - gate

Sentence: When Karen gets nervous around men she tends to ovtrigate.

Etymology: Unknown...

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: q-less

Sentence: John was extremely persistent and totally cueless, so it usually took several slaps in the face, before he'd understand what-the-hell she was thinking.

Etymology: cue +less = clueless

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Created by: Hjason

Pronunciation: mis-inter-stand

Sentence: Don't misinterstand the way she dresses because she really is conservative.

Etymology: mis-interperet-understand

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Created by: gregbatch




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