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'It's tricky, her knees are pressed together...'

DEFINITION: To overlook or misinterpret non-verbal cues, like body language, which often reveal what a person is truly thinking or feeling.

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Created by: mickey666


Sentence: Arms folded, legs crossed and a look of indifference from Maria did not deter Mark. Buggathatitis he thought lustfully.


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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: blun-der-ess-tim-ayt

Sentence: As he removed the heel of her stiletto from where it had become embedded in his nose, Nigel reflected that he had, once again, blunderestimated the signals Chloe had been giving off.

Etymology: blunder + estimate

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Created by: Kevcom2007

Pronunciation: mis/core/pohl/in/fur/ants

Sentence: "Oh my, that was a tight miscorpalinference! I should really think twice about what she's really getting at!"

Etymology: misunderstanding + corpus + inference

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Created by: Hjason

Pronunciation: mis-inter-stand

Sentence: Don't misinterstand the way she dresses because she really is conservative.

Etymology: mis-interperet-understand

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Created by: bjorn

Pronunciation: sig-nullify

Sentence: His Asperger's caused him to signullify all but the most blunt and painful hints - especially those literally so.

Etymology: signal + nullify

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Created by: paperpieces

Pronunciation: Miss-corps-in-tra-low-gee

Sentence: My girlfriend sometimes gives me all these hints with her body, and when I do not understand them she says that i should take a course in miscorpsintralogy.

Etymology: Mis- meaning not, -corps- from corpse, -intra- meaning within, -logy meanign any particular study

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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: cyu/clutz

Sentence: Dusseldorf Smith, a self-confessed yet good-natured "cueklutz", took solace in the fact that he could always rely upon clear and consistent feedback from his pet rock (which was rarely the case with members of the opposite sex).

Etymology: cue: a hint or mood + klutz: a misbegotten mangler of moods or a clumsy clueless character

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: q-less

Sentence: John was extremely persistent and totally cueless, so it usually took several slaps in the face, before he'd understand what-the-hell she was thinking.

Etymology: cue +less = clueless

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Created by: memexikon

Pronunciation: foh VEE ul

Sentence: Despite the overwhelming odds young Bush fauxveals a frightening & incoherent reality.

Etymology: faux pas + reveal

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: gest ure blind

Sentence: he was completely gestureblind, he never knew when anyone was hinting at anything.

Etymology: bilnd to any gesture or gesticulation

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wordmeister - 2006-12-05: 08:39:00
Good words today. Hey Babel looks like winfirmity was the clear winner yesterday. Congratulations.

chris - 2006-12-05: 14:07:00
...presumably if there were lots of people who were 'Cueklutzes', they would form a CueKlutz Clan......

babel - 2006-12-05: 14:57:00
hehe, nice one chris... and thanks meister, i'm trying to give you two some competition :)

Jabberwocky - 2006-12-05: 16:49:00
hey guys - don't blunderestimate me - I'm not as cueless as you think and hey deadpanwalking - you should have left the shun in your word - very clever

wordmeister - 2006-12-05: 18:09:00
CueKlutz Klan? Is that a terrorist organization for nerds?

wordmeister - 2006-12-05: 18:12:00
I like dissexia, despite the fact that greg has not posted a sentence for it. Perhaps Mr. Batch suffers from dissexia? Or should it be dissentencia?