Verboticism: Infirtration

'Why are you vacuuming the Christmas tree?'

DEFINITION: n., 1. A pine needle infestation, common during and after the holiday season. 2. Prickly Christmas guests who will not leave and cannot be cleaned up. v., To fall down during a holiday party and hide under a rug.

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Created by: jmotsch

Pronunciation: Yewl gibbins

Sentence: Janice had been fervently combating the yulegibbons since January.


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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: pine/stil/ence

Sentence: The pinestilence invades our home every Christmas season and takes months to rid the house of this dreaded needle.

Etymology: pine + pestilence

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /piyn-dem-ik/

Sentence: Since the relatives began arriving more than three weeks before the holidays this year, the tree had to be up early. Now the living room is the source of a widespread pinedemic outbreak, which has spread to every other room in the house, further complicated the inguestation of Christmas visitors, tracking needles everywhere. And we can't even vacuum, because Uncle Frank is still down there under the tree, wrapped in his carpet of rugretfulness — and pine needles.

Etymology: pine - traditional Christmas evergreen (Latin, pīnus) + pandemic - a widespread outbreak (from Greek, pándémos "common" - typical of a disease)


good one - Jabberwocky, 2007-12-17: 13:35:00

nice - galwaywegian, 2007-12-17: 15:15:00


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: tah-nern-bom

Sentence: it may have looked nice as they were decorating it, but this christmas tree was a tannenbomb waiting to go off

Etymology: bomb, tannenbaum[as in the song...o christmas tree...but the german version....i'm the only one who learnt the german version aren't for pinedemic...see if i care]


MrDave2176 I used a 'Tannenbaum' word last week and it didn't win me any prizes either, but you got my vote! - MrDave2176, 2007-12-17: 08:50:00

clever - Jabberwocky, 2007-12-17: 13:38:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ef ir af ter

Sentence: Once upon a time there was a prince and princess who made the mistake of getting a real tree on their first Christmas together. One of the things that keeps them together still is finding and vacuuming tree needles,all year long, happily efirafter.

Etymology: Everafter (from now on, to eternity) & Fir (any of various evergreen trees)

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: Tree - de - bree

Sentence: Norman and Leona decided to have an artificial Christmas tree next year after seeing the extraordinary amout of treedebris this year's tree had shed.

Etymology: Tree + debris

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Created by: TTwoo

Pronunciation: pah-ain-fes-tay-shun

Sentence: Where's the vaccuum? We got a serious pinefestation in the living room.

Etymology: Pine (as in pine tree) and infestation (as in to be overrun with something in large quantities, usually with harmful effects.)

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: infestivus (just like it looks)

Sentence: Debbie and Art were planning a December wedding. To keep it from becoming completely infestivus, Debbie's mother suggested having it a week before Christmas so that out-of-town relatives might stay through Christmas and no longer. She was quite wrong. It turned into Infestivus Maximus with hordes of relatives hanging around until the New Year. Like pine needles stuck in the carpet, she could not get rid of them.

Etymology: infest (of insects or animals) be present (in a place or site) in large numbers, typically so as to cause damage or disease) + festive (cheerful and jovially celebratory) Derivative of Festivus Maximus (Baltimore Raven term for the Super Bowl)


Pine needles are easier to deal with than relatives. They don't get insulted when you yell at them. - wayoffcenter, 2008-12-18: 10:07:00

clever - Seinfeld reference maybe? - Jabberwocky, 2008-12-18: 14:46:00

I like the name...i think you got festivus part from Ravens 2000 Super Bowl Run and added got my vote! - timlumber1, 2008-12-19: 21:50:00


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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: car-pet-jag-gers

Sentence: Carpetjaggers are resistant to vacuums, and may still be found in your carpet for several months after the tree has been removed, so caution is advised when running in bare feet; however, after several months, they break down and become part of the room's floora.

Etymology: wordplay on carpetbaggers: someone who moves into an area to take it over -- carpet: floor covering + jaggers: sharp or pointy projections

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: pôrkyəpīntrē

Sentence: Why is it that the needles from the porcupinetree seem to actively burrow into the carpet like so many quill moles.

Etymology: porcupine (a large rodent with defensive spines or quills on the body and tail) pine tree (an evergreen coniferous tree that has clusters of long needle-shaped leaves)

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