Verboticism: Hurteous

'Let me hold the door for you...'

DEFINITION: n., A gallant gesture which does not produce the desired effect because of poor execution. v., To offer a small gesture of assistance, which backfires as you trip over your own kind intentions.

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Created by: greenbree

Pronunciation: ka/in/de/sai/ri/ti

Sentence: yesterday my boyfriend do a kindesirity thing, opening the door of the car for me.

Etymology: kind+desire

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: puhl-chuhmp-ahyt

Sentence: He wanted to offer his sobbing co-worker a tissue, and as he fumbled around to fetch one he mistakenly handed her his used up snot-ridden one thus adding himself to the roster of office polchumpites.

Etymology: polite + chump (as in oaf, klutz))

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Created by: mustkeepsanity

Pronunciation: mis-sis-tans

Sentence: When Cindy dropped her pencil Fred bent down to pick it up for her. The problem was that Cindy also bent to get it, and Fred ended up headbutting her in the nose. He's since learned not to offer his missistance to others.

Etymology: miss+assistance miss (To fail to accomplish or achieve) assistance (Aid, help)

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Created by: MithrilShadow

Pronunciation: Shiv-noor-ant

Sentence: Mike's chivnorant attempt to hold the door open for his girl friend ended up with him pinned under the waiter cart, that came through the door right at that moment.

Etymology: from: Chivalry: gallant or distinguished gentlemen. And Ignorant: resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence

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Created by: tumblebehr

Pronunciation: kind miss

Sentence: His kindmiss tends to dis attract women.


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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: oaf-sis-tins

Sentence: "Let me be of oafsistance" were the last words she heard before sitting down in the chair that was no longer there.

Etymology: oaf, assistance


petaj Oaffer heavens sakes - petaj, 2007-10-26: 09:22:00

funny - Jabberwocky, 2007-10-26: 12:06:00

Clever! - mryder, 2007-10-26: 15:28:00

Ilike it a lot. Good sentence,too! - OZZIEBOB, 2007-10-28: 02:49:00


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Created by: looseball


Sentence: After that gallnerdant attempt,I dipped my head an ran.


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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: ben-uh-FRAK-cher

Sentence: Roxie was a tender-hearted tryplease, who sincerely shambled her way through life. And though her intentions remained pure and noble, her saintretemps and benefractures were often plain scary. In the end, to kin and kith alike, she became a must-to-avoid.

Etymology: Benefracture: blend of benefactor & fracture - " when good intentions comes apart or unstuck." Saintretemps: blend of saint & contretemps-"hitch"


Sweet word OZZIEBOB! You long time-verbotomists are really creative with your words. For me, its hard to stay away from the thesaurus! - Kevcom, 2007-10-28: 00:23:00

I did this one time -- A female coworker dropped a paper by the printer and, trying to be gentlemanly, I quickly bent down to grab it (as she was also) and 'benefractured' her glasses. :/ - Tigger, 2007-11-06: 17:41:00


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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: bo/jest

Sentence: My beau geste quickly turned into a beaujest as I slipped on the ice trying to help an elderly lady across the street. She fractured her hip and I bruised my ego.

Etymology: beau geste (gracious gesture) + jest


Clever! - OZZIEBOB, 2007-10-28: 02:28:00


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Created by: bzav1

Pronunciation: rhymes with courteous

Sentence: Jeff's clumsy attempts to avoid the impedestrian, led to several hurteous acts. He had no intention of being nonsiderate.

Etymology: impedestrian - one that walks very slowly down the middle of the sidewalk nonsiderate - antonym for considerate


good one! - remistram, 2007-10-26: 09:22:00

MrDave2176 This is a good word...sounds like it feels. - MrDave2176, 2007-10-26: 13:06:00

way to times 'er by 3! - Kevcom, 2007-10-28: 17:20:00


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