Verboticism: Oversugarize

'This donut is so good!'

DEFINITION: v. To enjoy, or derive physical pleasure from, the eating of sweets and other sugared substances -- often leads to over-consumption. n. Pleasure derived from the consumption of sweets.

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Created by: logan260

Pronunciation: shunk-ee

Sentence: Jim is such a shunkie.....he starts getting squirrelly about 10:00 am and climbs the walls till he gets a donut or candy bar. Then he eats 3 or 4 and starts crashing about 2:00. He's fortunate his metabolism is so high.

Etymology: junkie: technically slang for anyone who has an addiction to opiates usually but loosely applied to addiction to other substances as well. i.e. He's a sugar junkie. "Shunkie" is a fusion of those two words, "sugar" and "junkie"

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Created by: Aioua

Pronunciation: shu'-gasm

Sentence: This cake is so good I had a sugasm.

Etymology: sugar+orgasm

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Created by: XeniNeko

Pronunciation: The stress is on the first vowel.

Sentence: I am so fond of sugared sweet. so tasty...oh. I have bellyheaped again. poor am I :-(((

Etymology: beely + heap verb - to bellyheap noun - a bellyheap


People))) I like it! - XeniNeko, 2006-12-17: 10:05:00


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Created by: Wriiight


Sentence: I tried to take her to a nice restaraunt, but by the time desert came she got totally bonbombed.

Etymology: fr. bonbon, a sweet. See also bonbondage: torturing oneself with sweets that you won't let yourself eat.

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Created by: ubgrud

Pronunciation: shoo-ga-rusht

Sentence: I was so sugarushed I was bouncing off the walls.

Etymology: sugar rush as a verb.

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Created by: ipmcleod


Sentence: Our company had to eliminate Krispy Kreme Fridays after an embarrassing display of saccharintimacy by Mike over in IT.


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Created by: mdschermer

Pronunciation: su-cro-mi-NAC-i-ty

Sentence: I know my sucrominacity is clogging up my arteries, but this dessert is just too good to pass up.

Etymology: sucrose: sugar + minacity: disposition to threaten.

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Created by: IHeartKiwiTarts

Pronunciation: "lust-cose"

Sentence: I have so many lustcose desires for my jar of fluff

Etymology: from the word lust, and the ending of glucose ( glucose as you know is sugar)

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Created by: attis


Sentence: By the third course, Phil was ready to degustgasm.

Etymology: Degustation + Orgasm


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Created by: Fristine




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