Verboticism: Olefactory

'It reminds me of when our kids were babies.'

DEFINITION: n. A wayward scent or aroma which invokes distant memories of one's childhood or younger days. v. To be suddenly catapulted into the past by a very strong odor.

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Created by: chaiandallthatjazz

Pronunciation: nostrad-aro-ma-gia

Sentence: Man oh man! It was a sensation so powerful...Not only did it conjur up nostalgic memories, but I'm sure to predict that memories of this experience will surface in the future in other semi-unfortunate sensual circumstances.

Etymology: nose + nostradamus + aroma +nostalgia

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: sent a men tal

Sentence: Albert's talcum powder in the nursing home made Maude go all scentimental rembering her now grown children as little babies...

Etymology: Scent (Aroma, odor, smell) & Sentimental (effusively emotional;treasured memories or articles)

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Created by: readerwriter

Pronunciation: uh-roh-manse

Sentence: The smell of yellowed paper created such a strong aroamance in Paige, taking her to the lands, islands, stars and planets of her childhood, that she could hardly believe it when the propriator of Moldy Oldies, her favorite book shop, found her on the floor, and told her it was closing time.

Etymology: Using AROMA, meaning odor, scent + ROAM, meaning to wander, travel + ROMANCE, meaning, among other things, flight of fancy, allure, fascination


old books - what a lovely memory - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-23: 12:24:00

Sweet sentence, etymology and word ... for the aroamance that delights us for as long as we live and read! Delightful verbotomy! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-23: 13:31:00


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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: old + smell + lur

Sentence: Yes, everytime I smell corn, I am reminded of the night Old Smeller and I slept in the cornfield waiting to catch the racoons; and the smell of hay reminds me of the time he helped bring the newly birthed calf home from the field. Sadly, when I smell pork, I remember how we were bitten by Feral Hogs. Finally, The smell of gunshot brings tears as I recall how Old Smeller got rabies from a Grey Wolf and my dad had to shoot him....

Etymology: Old - Smell - Old Yeller>> How certain odors would remind Travis of Old Yeller or Old Smeller.....


humorous word & LOL sentences - "...bitten by Feral Hogs."!-must smell nasty - splendiction, 2009-03-23: 21:30:00

humorous word & LOL sentences - "...bitten by Feral Hogs."!-must smell nasty. Poor Oldsmeller. - splendiction, 2009-03-23: 21:32:00

Great word and Old Yeller sure brings back memories...7 of us in our family packed into the station wagon to go see the movie at the the end only My Dad and I were awake to see the sad ending and I cried all the way home! - Nosila, 2009-03-23: 23:03:00


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Created by: BoltonAlan





excellent - galwaywegian, 2010-10-05: 04:36:00


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Created by: Negatrev

Pronunciation: rem-uh-nis-uhnt

Sentence: The bakery made bob reminiscent over his mothers baking as a child.

Etymology: reminiscent(awakening memories of something similar; suggestive (usually followed by of ): His style of writing is reminiscent of Melville's.) AND scent (to perceive or recognize by or as if by the sense of smell: to scent trouble.)

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: rem-i-miss-scents

Sentence: The sweet fragrance of sticky buns and coffee propelled Sue into remimisscents of a childhood spent with her grandmother, whose baking prowess was legendary. She yearned for those happy, carefree days when she could eat as many sweet treats as she wanted to without gaining an ounce. She missed Grandma, too.

Etymology: reminiscence: an experience or event recollected; an event that brings to mind a similar, former event + miss: to long for + scents: aroma; fragrance

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Created by: MattShields

Pronunciation: SENT-im-is-ing

Sentence: I was just smelling your shirt and scentimiscing.

Etymology: scent + reminiscing

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Created by: kalex

Pronunciation: Me-lin-kol-fa-k-ter-eee

Sentence: The smell had a melancholfactory essence, subtly reminding me of years before, when Jack and I had also caught ourselves on fire. Burnt flesh! That brings it all back!

Etymology: melancholy-a forlorn feeling sometimes associated with nostalgia olfactory-having to do with or of the sense of smell, odor

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: nōstaljə

Sentence: Charlie went out for a walk. As he approached a patch of woods he caught the unmistakable scent of skunk. In a case of nosestalgia, he flashed back to his first encounter with one of these odoriferous creatures. It was quite a shock for a puppy to think that something he saw as a possible playmate would do something so rude. His current walk quickly took a new direction.

Etymology: nose (the sense of smell, esp. a dog's ability to track something by its scent) + nostalgia (a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past)


terrific - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-23: 12:24:00


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