Verboticism: Giftrocity

'Why are you putting that by the front door?'

DEFINITION: n., An ugly decorative item or article of clothing received from friends or relatives, which is kept stored away but ready to be pulled out at a moment's notice in anticipation of a return visit. v., To temporarily place an old, and perhaps unattractive gift in a place of honor.

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Created by: Redrover

Pronunciation: gif-trau-city

Sentence: I guess I'll just put this year's giftrocity in the basement along with all the others I've gotten over the years.

Etymology: gift + atrocity

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libertybelle - 2007-12-12: 12:21:00

Mustang - 2007-12-12: 18:43:00

OZZIEBOB - 2007-12-12: 19:54:00
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