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Created by: chaiandallthatjazz




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Created by: hyperborean

Pronunciation: in tin syl ate

Sentence: Every year, Aunt Thelma would light the candles, put on some Christmas music, and pour herself a Doctor Wilson before trimming the Christmas tree. At first, every ornament was carefully hung in the perfect spot but, long after midnight (and seven or eight Doctor Wilsons) she would be so intinselated that she would begin hurling ornaments at the tree until she was satisfied it was complete. Then Uncle Stan carried her off to bed.

Etymology: intoxicated + tinsel


Great word - OZZIEBOB, 2008-12-17: 04:06:00

Is that a personal story? - mrowka, 2008-12-18: 23:34:00

That's a funny word and sentence! Good Job! :) - abrakadeborah, 2009-04-24: 07:14:00


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Created by: jermainechambers44

Pronunciation: e-rec-tree-dis-funk-tion

Sentence: Although those little blue pills solved his little problem,they had nothing to deal with the erectreedisfuntion that plagued the tree decorating party for years.

Etymology: Erect-(to stand staight up)+Tree-(large plant life form)+Dysfuntion-(to not work properly)

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Created by: Korinne

Pronunciation: Orna-pee-sa

Sentence: Helen was frustrated because the normally upright tree ornaments now looked like ornapisas.

Etymology: Ornaments + Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: dug list fur

Sentence: The town fathers had ordered a large evergreen to be planted in the main square, so that it may be decorated each Christmas Season as the "First Tree". A huge Douglas Fir had been imported from the West and although healthy and full, it had a definite lean to it. They nicknamed it the DuglistFir. At first people laughed at the Leaning Tree, but miraculously on Christmas Eve it had straightened out and stood erect. The people were amazed until they realized that this change was inevitable. The town in question was not called Viagra Falls for nothing!

Etymology: Dug (created by digging); List (lean or tilt to one side) & Fir (any of various evergreen trees of the genus Abies; chiefly of upland areas, popular as a Christmas Tree)and word play on Douglas Fir (tall evergreen timber tree of western North America having resinous wood and short needles)

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: yool-EE-bree-eyt

Sentence: At first, Bob yulebriated with a sublime sparkle; only, in the end, to stumble and tumble into a 'silent night' of mistlethroes and noelethargy.

Etymology: YULE (OE: Christmas) & EBRIATE: to sparkle with a emotion + to make or be drunk - and all its' permutations, esp staying upright.

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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: gar leand

Sentence: Sparkling soda, laced with good cheer, gave everyone twinkling red eyes, shining red noses, and tipsy walks, making everyone slightly sinclined. As they swayed around the room, their arms garleaned around everyone.

Etymology: GARLAND, LEANED. GARLAND - a round, circular Christmas decoration that is hung over. LEANED - tilted, listed, unable to stay upright.


I was swayed by the sparkling soda...seconds? - Mustang, 2008-12-15: 08:39:00

lovely visual - Jabberwocky, 2008-12-15: 11:41:00


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Created by: milorush

Pronunciation: (n.)hŏl'ĭ-dāz'; (v. intr.)hŏl'ĭ-dāz'; (adj.)hŏl'ĭ-dāzd'

Sentence: My Uncle Arlen spends most every Christmas holidazed on cheap wine and a lifetime of regret.

Etymology: holi[day] + daze(d)


I know this was an obvious one, but I couldn't resist. - milorush, 2007-12-10: 13:47:00


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Created by: idavecook

Pronunciation: Tree-Rec-Tile-DIS-FUNK-SHUN

Sentence: The poor sap had a it bad. The treerectiledysfunkshun had developed over night and left us all feeling a bit droopy.

Etymology: Erection and Viagara and Limpy Poppa


Dude, mine was SOOOO first! - idavecook, 2007-12-10: 18:13:00

Hehe! Guess you just Christmissed it! Hope ya don't feel like a recycled fruitcake. Merry everything idave! - purpleartichokes, 2007-12-10: 19:35:00


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Created by: apolloedge

Pronunciation: toe missyl

Sentence: It was scary only for a moment when Bob was hit in the head with one of his mother-in-law's toemistles, but the ones that missed their target looked fabulous in the odd places they landed. Everyone loved it so much that the toemistle became our most cherished Christmas tradition.

Etymology: toe: big digit of the foot + missile: weapon projected to hit a distant target

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-12-10: 01:39:00
Today's definition was suggested by purpleartichokes Thank you purpleartichokes ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-12-17: 00:14:00
Today's definition was suggested by purpleartichokes. Thank you purpleartichokes. ~ James

'Why can't you get it up?'

DEFINITION: n., A Christmas tree, ornament or caroler that, no matter how it is tied, tethered and tilted, refuses to stay upright. v., To be so full of Christmas cheer that you simply sparkle, twinkle and tip over.

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