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'Wait! Can't you guys read? That's a stop sign!'

DEFINITION: A group of runners that moves as a single entity, ignoring traffic signals and pedestrians alike.

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: KRAS-kade

Sentence: Bob was walking along the road by the seaside, munching on a doughnut, when all of sudden a pack of runners careered by. He watched them go by in awe, and the sight was enough to make him toss the doughnut in a bin, and become part of this athplethe. Little did he know that his chance meeting with this crascade and their ranipulations would be the start of a two-hour-long, helotonic roadmare.

Etymology: Blend of crass & cade of motorcade, etc. Crass:lacking in discrimination & sensibilty; -cade: procession of people travelling in motorcars (also cavalcade & cascade). Heletonic : blend of hell & peloton & ic.

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Created by: joelb

Pronunciation: DASH-holes

Sentence: I missed the light because those dasholes couldn't stop for ten seconds!

Etymology: dash + assholes

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Created by: srjones

Pronunciation: jawg-mawb



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Created by: torpid

Pronunciation: ruh-nin-ees

Sentence: The lexus driver nearly had a heart attack as a group of runinnies obliviously ran right into the intersection despite having a don't walk sign.

Etymology: run + ninny

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Created by: shiftysquid


Sentence: I would have gotten here 15 minutes earlier, but a damn runvoy got in my way.

Etymology: runners + convoy

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Created by: barabajagal

Pronunciation: jaw-guh-peed

Sentence: Crossing the street with a precariously balanced tray of coffee for the entire office, I was nearly spun out of control by a 20-strong jogapede.


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Created by: tdm737

Pronunciation: jog neg le fic

Sentence: Jognegleficing is illegal unless your running in a marathon.

Etymology: Joggers + neglect + traffic. Joggers who neglect traffic signs.

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Created by: mattbear

Pronunciation: Kluh-jawg

Sentence: I wanted to make a right turn on 5th, but there was a clujog going by.

Etymology: cluster + jog=clujog

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: skwod - ruhn

Sentence: Only half of the squadrun was hit by the bus, the rest kept on going like nothing happened.

Etymology: squad + run, like squadron as in flight formation or a number of persons grouped or united together for some purpose

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Created by: shifty

Pronunciation: Jor-kers

Sentence: I nearly killed that bunch of jorkers... but they outran my backhoe!

Etymology: Joggers + Jerks / Jokers = Jorkers

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