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'I am doing something! I'm trying to Rest In Peace!'

DEFINITION: To wish for peace on earth, and then do something to help make it happen.

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Created by: Madamemojo




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Created by: adobrodt

Pronunciation: passi-FACT-ivist

Sentence: For Jenny, her pacifactivism and all-around good will towards men and women created what she considered quintessential "Jenny."

Etymology: pacifist - one who believes in pacifism AND activist - one who believes that action must change behaviors

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Created by: ahwinters

Pronunciation: super - ego - tize


Etymology: super + ego

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Created by: oomps62

Pronunciation: poe-sch-mitt

Sentence: Last night I poeshmitted and now everything on Earth is peaceful.

Etymology: Peace On Earth - Something Help Make It Happen

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Created by: calladia


Sentence: Madonna decided to jolienate by adopting a child and donating to various charities.


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Created by: Nairock

Pronunciation: trayn-QWAK-chun

Sentence: The tranquations of the hippies are not very effective for peace around the world.


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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: pass ee pee so fist

Sentence: damien was always so selfless, a complete pacipeaceofist

Etymology: from pacifist and peace.

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Created by: Alchemist

Pronunciation: PACKS-yoo-uh-lize

Sentence: Sandy believed that marching against war was effective paxualization.

Etymology: Pax - Latin for peace. Actualize - to bring into being.


He my friend no need to be a name caller or hater.... I was actually the first person to post this round, thus my creation of the word was prior to yours.... Hardly bogus. since I assume from your tone you feel I stole your coinage, I must believe you cr - danboaz, 2006-12-23: 22:11:00

created yours with out peeking at my coinage. So with out calling your coinage bogus, call it positively as: great minds thinking alike and fools never straying. - danboaz, 2006-12-23: 22:13:00


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Created by: zagovorich

Pronunciation: du:dav

Sentence: do like dove of peace


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: good-will-stun-ting

Sentence: In order to keep the sense of impending doom from overtaking him, he tried to spend at least an hour a week goodwillstunting

Etymology: good will, stunt

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