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'What do you think of the newest addition to our front lawn?'

DEFINITION: v. To express your love of nature by covering your lawn with statues, ornaments and other plastic figurines. n. A home which is infested with gnomes, elves, plastic animals, and other lawn ornaments.

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Created by: memyselfandbo

Pronunciation: lawn-bee-gawn

Sentence: Do you see way too much green when you look out your window? Do your eyes water when you see blades of grass moving in the wind? Then pick up some LAWNBEGONE today! Just one spray of this magical potion will cause a slew ceramic gnomes, plastic flamingos, holiday decorations, flashing lights, and random political signs to pop up all over your lawn! No longer will you be subject to the horridly soft and sweet-smelling green stuff that pops up in your yard. LAWNBEGONE will make your wildest dreams come true. Pick up a bottle (or ten) today!

Etymology: Lawn: greenery that grows in your yard. Be: to exist. Gone: not here.


REally good word! Your advertisement is very appealing, too! "Do your eyes water when you see blades of grass..."!!! ;) - splendiction, 2009-04-17: 19:05:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: nome and gar den

Sentence: Gnomera (her Gnome-de-Plume) had a beautiful home in Gnome, Alaska. She decorated it outside tastefully with flowers, lights and plenty of gnomes. So many in fact that her neighbours called it Gnomeandgarden. The neighbourhood decided to gnominate her for the annual HGTV show, Gnome for the Holidays. She quickly got busy and decorated with even more gnomes, enough that many people felt her theme "No place like Gnome" was a little too much like gnomerology. Sadly a big blizzard blew in and the TV Crew were unable to fly in to film the segment. "They should have called it "Gnome Alone", instead" she pined.

Etymology: Gnome (a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure;garden figures made to resemble gnomes) & Home & Garden (magazine,website and TV channel devoted to do-it-yourself and home makeovers)

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Created by: Biscotti

Pronunciation: ayl-iss-inn-wun-dur-yaar-d

Sentence: Everyone knew Vicki had a horrible case of aliceinwonderyard. Her front lawn was decorated with an army of gnomes, a flock of pink flamingos, a herd of plastic deer, and a wiseguy left over from a nativity set.

Etymology: Alice in wonderland (a popular children's fantasy book) + yard (that green stuff around some peoples houses)


Your word is so Wonderfull! - silveryaspen, 2009-04-17: 10:24:00


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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: chawtch-key-epp-ih-dem-ick

Sentence: The toys that comprised the tchotchkepidemic on her lawn were defaced by the neighbourhood kids. To her horror they drew anatomically correct body parts on the gnomes and smurfs with black Sharpies.

Etymology: tchotchke (as in trinket or ornament) + epidemic (as in a rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something)

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Created by: fabdiva

Pronunciation: shar-mit-ten

Sentence: Leslie was aghast when she pulled up in front of her friends' house. 'I knew Sarah had a gnome fetish, but this is total addiction! She's completely shamitten'.

Etymology: Sham - bogus or false Smitten - strongly attracted to someone or something.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: ig nohm ray muss

Sentence: She was a total ignomeramous, given to elf harm when feeling grumpy, bashful or dopey.

Etymology: ingoramous gnome

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: no mens land

Sentence: Mary Contrary's home was a gaudy fairy tale house surrounded by a front and backyard covered by every known garden ornament. She had over 200 garden gnomes, no two alike and each had a name. Her home was a gnomensland, as no sane man would be caught dead in this fairyland setting. Even her dog was embarrassed to be seen there...he was sure all these creatures came alive at night and they probably did!

Etymology: Gnome (elf or fairy) & No Mens Land (devoid of men) & WordPlay on No-Mans-Land (an area not suitable or used for occupation or habitation;

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: NO-manz-land

Sentence: Lucy thought it was cute to decorate her yard with little plastic statues of Snow White and her dwarf buddies but her neighbors snickered behind her back and had labeled her yard gnomemansland.

Etymology: Blend of 'Gnome', (One of a fabled race of dwarflike creatures) 'man' (human), and land, play on the phrase 'no mans land'


Hmmmmm - Mustang, 2013-08-15: 06:42:00


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Created by: karenanne

Pronunciation: BRIK ah brak en

Sentence: Sue Veneer likes to bring home something "cute" for her yard from every place she travels. Since her collection represents places from Alaska to Zimbabwe, there is no rhyme nor reason to how things are placed. She also favors "the wild look," which features a lot of bushes and ground cover, requiring a minimum of upkeep. Sue's yard is probably the only place in the world where a polar bear towers over a zebra, both standing in a patch of English ivy. Her neighbors find it unusual and call it "the bric-a-bracken," but consider it much more tolerable than the previous owner's yard, which most of them remember all too well even though it was almost fifteen years ago. That one featured, um, "vintage," cars in various states of repair, many up on blocks.

Etymology: bric-a-brac (knick-knacks, curios, novelty decorations) + bracken (dense or scrubby shrubbery or undergrowth)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: sen trol park

Sentence: Ivy thought she was a cultivated, worldly person. When she and her sister, Holly, bought a house and started to decorate the large garden with trolls and other garden accessories, Ivy decided to call their home Centrollpark. She had a little sign painted to hang on the gate and her neighbours thought her English country garden decorated with the fairyland characters quite quaint. Eventually though their garden was over-run by gnomes, fairies, flamingos, leprechauns, toadstools, toads, windmills and wells. Then some of their friends started giving the girls plastic pigs in all sizes and colors to add to their motif. The pigs were everywhere. The fish pond became Swine Lake, their toolshed became a sty, the Flamingos became Hamingos and the walk, now a trotter, was a big boar. The plastic porcines threatened to hog every green space in the yard. Sadly the lovely Centrollpark had become Centrollpork!

Etymology: Central Park (A huge park in Manhattan) & Troll (Scandanavian folklore) a supernatural creature, either a dwarf or a giant)


hahaha, clever story and word. - mweinmann, 2009-04-17: 09:09:00

This is one to really extroll (extoll) over! - silveryaspen, 2009-04-17: 10:27:00

LOL at the pigs theme! Well done! - splendiction, 2009-04-17: 18:57:00

Ivy sounds like a troll-op - Mustang, 2009-04-17: 21:15:00


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