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'May I have the sweet potato fries? '

DEFINITION: v., To not feel guilty about all the weight you're putting on, because you need all the extra calories you can get, to survive the harsh winter climate. n., A type of fat gained by mammals in preparation for winter hibernation.

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Created by: libertybelle

Pronunciation: sin-sool-ate

Sentence: Marcia continually piled stuffing on her plate during the Thanksgiving holiday to sinsulate her body against the on coming harshness of winter. It didn't seem to matter to her that she hadn't lost last years sinsulation gain.

Etymology: sin + insulate


Marcia needn't worry about piling-up her plate to cope with winter's harshness. She should remember that the wages of sinsulation are sable! - OZZIEBOB, 2007-11-21: 17:12:00


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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: burrrrrr gurrrrrrrrrrrr d

Sentence: she brrrrrrgirded her loins against the wintry winds

Etymology: burger brrrr gird


metrohumanx Hahaha love those LOINS! - metrohumanx, 2008-10-20: 09:45:00

tasty word - Jabberwocky, 2008-10-20: 10:53:00


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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: FLAB-zolve ...flabsolution

Sentence: Oliver could hardy [sic] believe his good fortune. The local weathermen had predicted a massive blizzard which would surely keep him snowbound for months. Life had been no PYCNIC for Ollie, dieting all summer, trying to foragenerate enough fats and proteins to satiate his appetite. Corpulentil soup just didn't do it for him. Now he could FLABSOLVE himself of any guilt for increasing his bulk over the winter. There wasn't much to do, living this far north. Ollie couldn't jog on the ro-tundra, nor could he pud-gyrate at the skating rink. Yes, the obese-ason was here, and he knew he would become davenportly, stout and quite dumpy as he bypassed his days on the heavysettee. The porcinema was not an option, as the seats were too small- there was no need to lap-ologize for that. Oliver's days were abdominated by the internet as he ingested all the savory bits he had stockpiled for just such an occasion. Now he could alibi-nge on deep-fried pork ends and he would surely be FLABSOLVED as he vindic-ate his way to a new profile. When not verbotomizing, Ollie spent a lot of time at! His caloriclaim to fame might get him into the record books...and besides- he could shed those pounds in the spring. But now it was time to chow down. That's ANOTHER fine mess hall he's gotten himself into!

Etymology: FLAB+abSOLVE=FLABSOLVE.....FLAB: back-formation from flabby ; soft fatty body tissue.....ABSOLVE:to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt;Middle English, from Latin absolvere, from ab- + solvere to loosen (one's standards of caloric intake).


metrohumanx This definition has generated some GREAT words- and a gnawing hunger in the pit of my stomach....but NOT for muktuk! Quite an education today! - metrohumanx, 2008-10-20: 09:59:00

great rationalizing - I need a snack! - Jabberwocky, 2008-10-20: 10:53:00

Flabsolutely Flabulous! - Nosila, 2008-10-20: 20:14:00

Made me hungry......and sleepy. - Mustang, 2008-10-20: 20:14:00

metrohumanx I recommend a visit here: - metrohumanx, 2008-10-23: 17:30:00


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Created by: Nuwanda

Pronunciation: snow-bee-city

Sentence: Carla had come to anticipate her snowbesity. In fact, her winter clothes were two sizes larger than her summer clothes. Her snowbesity was harder to justify, however, once she moved to Florida.

Etymology: Snow + obesity


snow doubt, that's a great word - Jabberwocky, 2008-10-20: 10:50:00

metrohumanx I scream- closed for the season-the reason: it's freezin! - metrohumanx, 2008-10-20: 13:33:00

Love it...nothing worse than having a blizzard on your gizzard! - Nosila, 2008-10-20: 20:11:00

Love it! - lumina, 2008-10-20: 20:15:00


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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: lar-das-sim-i-late

Sentence: Coming from L.A., Sue thought she would need to assimilate a lot of calories to survive a Minnesota winter so she ate a lot of French Fries, Burgers and Twinkies. These enabled her to lardassimilate herself into the culture.

Etymology: lard: rendered fat often used for frying foods = lardass: word for obese, particularly in one's backyard + assimilate: to absorb nutrients into the body after digestion; to become absorbed into a culture or society

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: bulhuk/uh/neyt

Sentence: With winter just around the corner, Janice instinctively knew it was time to bulkinate for the coldness to come by eating five meals a day in an effort to pack on twenty five pounds to thwart off that minus 18 degree northerly wind.

Etymology: BULKINATE - verb from - BULK (to increase in size; expand; swell) + LAMINATE (to cover with layers)


metrohumanx We need words like that to fend off the hyperborean blast! - metrohumanx, 2008-10-20: 09:55:00


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Created by: samsync

Pronunciation: fat-su-leh-shern

Sentence: In cold countries, it is important for people to consume more as they need the extra calories as fatsulation.

Etymology: FAT- : lard, oil -SULATION : from insulation


metrohumanx Can you fatsulate your attic to R-14? - metrohumanx, 2008-10-20: 13:35:00

Sounds very much like 'hiberflate'. I like it! - Mustang, 2008-10-20: 20:45:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: hye-buhr-flayt

Sentence: Elwood and Charlotte both believed in the need to hiberflate during the autumn months, pigging out on as many calories and fatty foods as possible to prepare for winters cold, but Elwood always managed to outdo Charlotte on consumption and would even eat her portions when possible.

Etymology: Blend of hibernate and inflate


metrohumanx Inspirational combo, big M ! - metrohumanx, 2008-10-20: 09:45:00


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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: mi/ti/gwate

Sentence: Sue would mitigweight her eating binges by reminding herself that she was giving her body a huge assortment of nutrients to choose from to stoke her furnace for winter. It also meant she could forgo wearing mitts

Etymology: mitigate + weight + mitts

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: dahr-win-ah-bluhb

Sentence: He put on 50 pounds in the span of a week to help him endure the harsh winter months, but due to his sudden darwinablub his cholesterol levels became alarmingly out of whack and he had subsequently suffered a sudden stroke.

Etymology: Darwin (as in survival of the fittest) + blub (short for blubber)

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-11-21: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram! ~ James

galwaywegian - 2008-10-20: 09:35:00
good standard today:)

Nuwanda - 2008-10-20: 22:51:00
Does anyone else get an error message when trying to vote sometimes? I think it keeps counting the votes I am trying to cast even though it comes up with a long string of unintelligible text.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-03-16: 00:03:00
Today's definition was suggested by remistram. Thank you remistram. ~ James