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'Oh Ducky, I'm so glad that I can talk to you'

DEFINITION: n. A person who has the highly developed ability to communicate on a direct level with any type of animal, except for human beings. v. To talk to animals because you know that communicating with people is useless.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: pet spur antow

Sentence: Not only could she speak petsperanto, she could tweet.

Etymology: esperanto, pet

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Created by: bookowl

Pronunciation: pet/ril/o/quist

Sentence: A petriloquist is an interpeter who can understand and mimic pets.

Etymology: pet + ventriloquist

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: mal lard kee

Sentence: Joan owned a pet duck which she named Sir Francis Drake. She was able to communicate with him very well. He became a therapist for her, as she told him all her problems and dreams. He listened and gave her very clear advice. Some people thought it was all mallardkey, really... getting advice from a duck! One day, she asked Sir Drake how much she should pay him for his valuable service. "Don't worry", he said "I'll send you my bill!"

Etymology: Mallard (wild dabbling duck from which domestic ducks are descended) & Mallarkey (insincere or foolish talk; misinformation)

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Created by: Banky

Pronunciation: zho-or-ah-kil

Sentence: "The Master demands a sacrifice, David," said Harvey, his canines bared as he paced along the fence next door, "He finds your limited faith insufficient." The labrador stopped and stared through the chain links at him vacantly. David held his head in his hands. Could this be happening? Was he a zooracle or just losing his mind? Either way, he had to silence the persistent animal, so he would silence him with sacrifice. "My fealty to the dark lord will be apparent by this afternoon." He disappeared into house and grabbed his .44 caliber Bulldog revolver, and stalked to his car. The tires squealed and the Ford Galaxie sped off into the city. When the car was a waning mirage the two teenage boys stepped out from behind Sam Carr's house, cackling with laughter and holding a walkie-talkie. "That Berkowitz kid is an IDIOT!" the taller of the two said, as they walked to the black lab and unstrapped the other handset from the dogs collar.

Etymology: zoo - prefix relating to animals, oracle - a chosen person who can interpret normally unintelligible communications from non-human sources


I considered 'oracle' as a component. I was thinking along the lines of, 'animoracle.' Nice combination. - stache, 2008-03-28: 01:27:00 er, dog. - stache, 2008-03-28: 01:38:00

excellent - Jabberwocky, 2008-03-28: 11:24:00

Wow, Banky! Very imaginative theory on the 'Son of Sam' serial killer story, (in case anyone didn't catch that), and, I might add, chillingly morbid. Great stuff. - Tigger, 2008-03-30: 03:42:00


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Created by: werdnurd

Pronunciation: con - ver - sape

Sentence: Lydia, left alone in the jungles, was living a life of bare subsistence on roots, bugs and other things she was able to forage. Then, one day, she began to conversape with the local tribe of chimpanzees. They told her where all of the best fruit could be found, and kept her in the loop regarding the local gossip.

Etymology: from the slang verb, conversate - and ape (n) being the animal itself and ape (v) to bemoan

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: pet spur an toe

Sentence: He said had a doctorate in Petsperanto, but she thought he was a quack

Etymology: esperanto, pet


petstacular word - Nosila, 2010-06-04: 09:21:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: dīəfrôg

Sentence: Unable to find her prince, Jessica is left talking to any number of toads. She’s been known to work her tale off on this one-sided diafrog.

Etymology: dialogue (conversation between two or more people) + frog (a tailless amphibian with a short squat body, moist smooth skin, and very long hind legs for leaping) Unwilling alter ego of princes in fairy tales.

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: gloss-o-mam-mail-i-a

Sentence: Emma, Dr. Doolittle's faithful assistant received the gift of glossomammalia one night at an ASPCA rally. She was an especially talented duck whisperer and soon was given her own show on Animal Planet where she would drive to the homes of people who had pets with issues and grievances against their owners. Eventually she went into animalaw, and succesfully argued in front of the Supreme Court to change the law to allow pets to sue their owners for cruelty.

Etymology: Glossolalia: "The gift of tongues" an estatic speech uttered in the worship services of several sects stressing emotion and religious ferver + mammalia: mammal, the highest class of vertebra.


metrohumanx Strangely animerotic word. very good. - metrohumanx, 2009-05-18: 02:17:00

Animammerotic mammocentrism of the highest order! (but not the 'highest class' since none is 'higher' than another) - dochanne, 2009-05-18: 03:14:00


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Created by: balku4

Pronunciation: an-mal

Sentence: hi i am a annmmall

Etymology: dmgolej

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Created by: DrWebsterIII

Pronunciation: zoo' - chat

Sentence: Jodi was a real quackadoodle when it came to the animal kingdom, she much preferred to zoochat with the animals than the human race

Etymology: zoo ( Gr. animals) + chat (talk, converse, communicate)

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-03-28: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by leechdude. Thank you leechdude. ~ James

stache - 2008-03-28: 01:36:00
Great 'toon, as usual. Thanks for the def, too, leechdude.

stache - 2008-03-28: 17:48:00
thanks, JW.

stache - 2008-03-28: 17:50:00
oops. wrong box.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-05-18: 00:01:01
We are starting our summer season at Verbotomy today -- which means we are re-doing some of favorite Verbotomies from the past. Today's definition was suggested by leechdude. Thank you leechdude ~ James

readerwriter - 2009-05-18: 10:06:00
Whew...thanks for the update! I thought it was reducks...

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-05-18: 10:28:00
Reducks revisited... ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-06-04: 00:11:00
Today's definition was suggested by leechdude. Thank you leechdude. ~ James

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