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'Who wants a white christmas?'

DEFINITION: To imagine that you are peace dove, or maybe a pigeon, flying high above the crowd and dropping your best wishes on everyone.

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Created by: Wakkadude21



Etymology: To Make Happy By Crapping. Happy + Crapping = Happing.


That's actually kind of stupid. Sorry. - Wakkadude21, 2006-12-20: 23:42:00


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Created by: kingofthespill




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Created by: DarthWader

Pronunciation: grav ih two ih tee

Sentence: Jonathan (Livingston Seagull) and his compatriots flew high above the Christmas vacationers on the beaches below, bestowing ample holiday gravituity for all to enjoy.

Etymology: gravity (the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth) + gratuity (present, gift)

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Created by: Manhattan

Pronunciation: Fees-aer-oh-madge-in

Sentence: I bet that angry environmentalist is going to faecaeromagine... if he isn't already.

Etymology: From the dutch word for feces, faecaliƫn, the latin word for air, aeris, and the word imagine.

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Created by: greengoddess

Pronunciation: Fludge on ing



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Created by: ajamay

Pronunciation: HA HA I kill myself...

Sentence: I'd like to hahagopigeony on my boss this year.

Etymology: Middle Python/Old English

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Created by: Pythias

Pronunciation: ce - lex' - cre - mate

Sentence: Birds of joy will hover near and celexcremate a merry cheer.

Etymology: celebrate + excrement

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Created by: zacharya1990

Pronunciation: La-pe-crow-gin

Sentence: The Lopicrogne flew over the crow after being released from his cage.


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Created by: Madamemojo


Sentence: Like a peacenik only avian.


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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: COG-nee-joy-ing

Sentence: I always can be found cognojoyping the day before christmas at the busiest department stores!

Etymology: cognitive=thought, joy=happiness, and ping comes from in bird droppings :)


When you break it down this word really has every part of the definition in it, not just some of them... - Javeson1, 2006-12-18: 00:44:00

Yeah that's true --- maybe your missing the flying... but you do have the 'pings - jrogan, 2006-12-18: 00:51:00

well, dropping implies flying... :) - Javeson1, 2006-12-29: 00:45:00


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Deadpanlives Deadpanlives - 2006-12-18: 12:55:00

camel - 2006-12-18: 13:38:00
All these nouns & adjectives really irk me; in fact, I'm escafating at the thought of you nounoticists & adjectivists.

ErWenn - 2006-12-18: 13:45:00
This may be a case of a definition carrying too much content. Why the imagining? Why not "To drop your best wishes on everyone, as a peace dove or pigeon"? Or maybe just "To poop on someone, as a dove or pigeon"? You can always elaborate the circumstances in the little comic (which always amuses me, by the way).

ErWenn - 2006-12-18: 13:46:00
I like the new set-up as far as it hides voting results and rankings and how it randomizes the words, but it'd be nice if I could get a list of all the words submitted. Otherwise, I keep hitting "More..." over and over again, just in case I missed one randomly.

gwenaverill - 2006-12-18: 14:51:00
Definitely. Also, I'm having a hard time finding the results now, even for words I've already voted on.

gwenaverill - 2006-12-18: 14:53:00
You know something else that might work well? Have a time window for submitting verboticisms and a different time window for voting on them. For example, we submit the definitions of this word all day today, and then new words cannot be created, and tomorrow we vote on all the entries at the same time as we create the next verboticism. It would cut down on the "early bird" syndrome in voting.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-18: 17:05:00
Hey ErWenn and Gwenaverill, Thanks for your comments! We are in the early days of the game so we appreciate your suggestions. We will make a complete list verboticisims available, and we are workinfg on the timing. Thanks ~ James