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Created by: kalex

Pronunciation: Me-lin-kol-fa-k-ter-eee

Sentence: The smell had a melancholfactory essence, subtly reminding me of years before, when Jack and I had also caught ourselves on fire. Burnt flesh! That brings it all back!

Etymology: melancholy-a forlorn feeling sometimes associated with nostalgia olfactory-having to do with or of the sense of smell, odor

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Created by: Negatrev

Pronunciation: rem-uh-nis-uhnt

Sentence: The bakery made bob reminiscent over his mothers baking as a child.

Etymology: reminiscent(awakening memories of something similar; suggestive (usually followed by of ): His style of writing is reminiscent of Melville's.) AND scent (to perceive or recognize by or as if by the sense of smell: to scent trouble.)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: rem in ess sens

Sentence: Howard was completing the Circle of Life. He had started out as a baby, grew through childhood to adulthood and now as a senior was regressing back to needing the care one gives an infant. His wife Margery tended his needs and the odors of caring for another human took her back to her own child-rearing years: the feedings, the changings, the bathing and looking after an increasingly helpless person. Sometimes the scent of adult diapers were reminessence of those she had put on her own children. The scent took her back to a time when she and Howard had worked hard and enjoyed the rewards of a growing family. Who says you cannot go back again? Margery did it every day now...

Etymology: Reminiscence (a mental impression retained and recalled from the past;the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort) & Essence (a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor)


like it - galwaywegian, 2009-03-23: 11:07:00

You have captured that cradle-to-the-grave, circle of life, with reminissence. Powerful word! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-23: 13:47:00

Your word is beautiful - I didn't realize mine starts the same way (remin. from reminisce/reminiscence). - splendiction, 2009-03-23: 16:43:00

Captured perfectly! - kateinkorea, 2009-03-23: 23:34:00


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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: re min i stench

Sentence: The acrid air wafting from the recycling bin reministenched Tony of the time the offensive odor of his brother's...Tony fled the funky room to awaken his parents. Presently Tony, clutching his stomach, reconsidered that his class recycle empty food containers. Suddenly one of Tony’s students announced: “Mr. N., Kitana left something in the recycling bin during art class. She ate some of the wall paper paste.”

Etymology: Reminisce (recall and think about a memory) and stench (bad or pungent odor): to smell a familiar odor and be reminded of the events surrounding the odor.

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: re-mem-ah-ROME-ah

Sentence: Oscar's wife, Hattie, could tell by the sly smile that crossed Oscar's face when she entered the room where he was just awakening that her fragrance gave him a pleasurable rememaroma, and she blushed at the thoughts that crossed her own mind.

Etymology: Blend of 'remember' (to recall something) and 'aroma' (scent or odor)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: sent i ment

Sentence: When old John was lying in the hospital he kept smelling the aroma of roses. It raised in him the scentiment of his Mama and the perfume she wore when he was young. It was not until he recovered from his surgery that realized it was the smell from the soapy water they used to mop the floor with each day.

Etymology: Scent (aroma, smell) & Sentiment (tender or romantic feeling or emotion)

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: yess-ter-wiff

Sentence: Whenever she ate at the local diner the yesterwhiff of bacon & eggs aroma made her smile.

Etymology: yesterday + whiff

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: nōstaljə

Sentence: Charlie went out for a walk. As he approached a patch of woods he caught the unmistakable scent of skunk. In a case of nosestalgia, he flashed back to his first encounter with one of these odoriferous creatures. It was quite a shock for a puppy to think that something he saw as a possible playmate would do something so rude. His current walk quickly took a new direction.

Etymology: nose (the sense of smell, esp. a dog's ability to track something by its scent) + nostalgia (a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past)


terrific - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-23: 12:24:00


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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: re-tro-stench

Sentence: Wandering through the empty bingo hall, Jean soon became aware of a retrostench that was clearly that of an old lady marinated in Lilly of the Valley toilet water perfume. "It couldn't be," she thought, "Grandma's been dead for 20 years."

Etymology: Retro--involving, relating to or reminicent of things past Stench--an offensive smell or odor


super word - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-23: 12:25:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: re-MEM-uh-rome-uh

Sentence: Gilberts wife, Natasha, could tell by the sly smile that crossed Gilberts face when she entered the room where he was just awakening that her fragrance gave him a pleasurable rememaroma, and she blushed at the thoughts that crossed her own mind.

Etymology: Blend of remember and aroma.


Mustang I like your sentence and word :)So sweet~ I gotta give ya some points! - abrakadeborah, 2009-03-23: 06:15:00

You filled us all with wonder about the diorama of blushing Natasha's rememaroma! Great Intrigue! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-23: 14:27:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-03-23: 00:01:01
Today's definition was suggested by metrohumanx. Thank you metrohumanx. ~ James

silveryaspen - 2009-03-23: 14:34:00
The score details are a great enhancement and have helped me understand them. Thank you!

metrohumanx metrohumanx - 2009-03-24: 09:28:00
Wow! This phenomenon seems to be more widespread than i thought! Apparently it's one of our more primal instincts.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-03-24: 11:59:00
RE: Score Details. I am still looking for a bug where it fails to add some votes to our weekly totals. Hopefully the score details page will help us find it. ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-10-05: 00:16:00
Today's definition was suggested by metrohumanx. Thank you metrohumanx. ~ James

'It reminds me of when our kids were babies.'

DEFINITION: n. A wayward scent or aroma which invokes distant memories of one's childhood or younger days. v. To be suddenly catapulted into the past by a very strong odor.

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