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'Omigod! One just bit me!'

DEFINITION: n., A cut, or puncture wound on the roof of the mouth inflicted while consuming dangerously crunchy-sharp foods, like potato chips. v., To cut the roof your mouth while eating extra crispy snack foods.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: pring ill ting ill

Sentence: Bessie should have known that some foods are just plain dangerous to eat. She always got ice cream headaches and burned tongue from hot liquids and canker sores from excessive candies. Now she could add Pringletingle to her list. Eating the sharp pieces cut through her palate and the abundant salt on them was like,well, rubbing salt on a wound. And since she could not eat just one, the entire tube of them really, really hurt her mouth. "These packages really ought to have health warnings on them like cigarette cartons", she thought to herself. "Mind you", she thought as she lit a menthol cigarette to cool off her sore mouth, "who reads those anyway"??

Etymology: Pringle (Popular Brand of potato chips sold in tall round containers) & Tingle (a prickling somatic sensation; cause a stinging or tingling sensation)

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Created by: Bullwinkle

Pronunciation: Sal-iv-ouch'

Sentence: She was sorry she ate so many tacos when she noticed the salivouches the next morning.

Etymology: Saliva + Ouch

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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: junk/cut/tur

Sentence: He had to have plastic surgery to replce the roof of his mouth thanks to junkcutters.

Etymology: junk + cut + junketter

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Created by: LotusB

Pronunciation: Po-tay-tah-bray-sion

Sentence: Chowing down heavily on a family size bag of chips, and preoccupied by the awesomely terrible movie on TV, young Jenny must have munched too much - one got her right on the roof of her mouth! That Potatabrasion stayed sore all day! And I'm sure the salt didn't help, either!

Etymology: Potato + Abrasion + Potatabrasion

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: free to lays jun

Sentence: When Mimi enjoyed a bag of potato chips, she always ended up with a cut to her upper palate, which pained her. Today's fritolesion was especially stinging and irritating. If anyone had intentionally inflicted this much pain on her, she would have had them charged with a salt and vinegar!

Etymology: Frito-Lay (Frito-Lay North America (FLNA) is a division of PepsiCo, Inc. which manufactures, markets and sells a variety of corn chips, potato chips and other snack foods) & Lesion (any break in the skin or an organ caused by violence or surgical incision)

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Created by: MithrilShadow

Pronunciation: ˈchip-ˈpəŋk-chər

Sentence: Jane had a rather embarrassing visit to the emergency room, for a rather nasty chipunture wound in her pallet.

Etymology: Chip: a small thin slice of food. Puncture: a hole, wound, or perforation made by puncturing.

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: poh-tay-toh-clip

Sentence: My mouth had just recovered from a Fritolesion when I suffered a potatoclip. If I didn't stop being an ouchpotato, I'd continue to get these painful foodboos.

Etymology: potato chip, clip (gash)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: pring ell ayte

Sentence: As an ER Resident, Dr. Pepper saw it all too often. Another patient who scoffed one too many salty sharp potato chip...someone who could pringleate herself in the blink of an eye. Sure, it started off innocently enough, entranced in a movie on the tv, jamming them into her mouth until she had Idahoed the roof of her mouth. Wine, beer and pop only caused greater burning and no relief. Only when the pain was unbearable had she headed for St. Dorito's Hospital to get first aid. Dr. Pepper swabbed her mouth with salve and sent her home. But he knew she would be back again sometime soon because they never learned. No, when the chips were down, she'd be back!

Etymology: Pringle (potato chip brand sold in cardboard tubes) & Lacerate (cut or tear irregularly;irregularly slashed and jagged as if torn)

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: per-for-ate-it

Sentence: Even though it hurt, Sue perforateit anyway. Just as with the tatoos and piercings she had, Sue found a sensual pleasure from the pain it inflicted. She loved the crunciness of the assalted glass chips and the sweetness of the Iscream with masochistic cherries. Her dentist, though, warned her to stay away from the attack food because it wasn't good for her teeth.

Etymology: perforated: to pierce or bore a hole in something + ate + it


artr Cute! Sometimes it\'s really a challenge when a word comes around for a second time. - artr, 2010-03-22: 07:16:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: free to slays

Sentence: When she watches tv, Penenlope has to have salt and fat to intensify her programs. She loves murder mysteries and often fritoslays herself with sharp and salty foods. This is especially true while watching CS AyeAye and Hawaii Five Oh-Oh.

Etymology: Frito-Lays (large corporation who produce many types of snack foods) & Slays (kills intentionally, premeditated)

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Today's definition was suggested by xirtam. Thank you xirtam! ~ James

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Today's definition was suggested by xirtam. Thank you xirtam. ~ James