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Created by: jkernen1


Sentence: Those pringles looked good, but my mouth couldn't afford another bitefight.

Etymology: bite + fight

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Created by: MithrilShadow

Pronunciation: ˈchip-ˈpəŋk-chər

Sentence: Jane had a rather embarrassing visit to the emergency room, for a rather nasty chipunture wound in her pallet.

Etymology: Chip: a small thin slice of food. Puncture: a hole, wound, or perforation made by puncturing.

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Created by: jeremy21

Pronunciation: /beart-head/

Sentence: That razor point of a chip leads to a barthead.

Etymology: bart head came from blackhead in acne but in your mouth its called a barthead. it is called bart head because it leaves an indenture of bart simpson's head on your toungue .

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Created by: simralotomy

Pronunciation: Aliv-va-tar

Sentence: I usually have an alivatar in summer holidays. Eating too many chips can be really painful sometimes


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Created by: MrDave2176

Pronunciation: SLASH-ti-cayt

Sentence: Karen enjoyed her Cap'n Crunch, but those first few bites of the golden sweet cereal were tricky. If you took too big a mouthful before they had soggied up some they would slashticate the roof of your mouth to ribbons.

Etymology: Slash + (Mas)ticate [chew]


I like it! - purpleartichokes, 2007-11-27: 20:19:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: pring ill ting ill

Sentence: Bessie should have known that some foods are just plain dangerous to eat. She always got ice cream headaches and burned tongue from hot liquids and canker sores from excessive candies. Now she could add Pringletingle to her list. Eating the sharp pieces cut through her palate and the abundant salt on them was like,well, rubbing salt on a wound. And since she could not eat just one, the entire tube of them really, really hurt her mouth. "These packages really ought to have health warnings on them like cigarette cartons", she thought to herself. "Mind you", she thought as she lit a menthol cigarette to cool off her sore mouth, "who reads those anyway"??

Etymology: Pringle (Popular Brand of potato chips sold in tall round containers) & Tingle (a prickling somatic sensation; cause a stinging or tingling sensation)

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Created by: Bullwinkle

Pronunciation: Sal-iv-ouch'

Sentence: She was sorry she ate so many tacos when she noticed the salivouches the next morning.

Etymology: Saliva + Ouch

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Created by: Nuwanda

Pronunciation: sh-red-ed-eets

Sentence: Allison loved Cap'n Crunch, but couldn't help compulsively running her tongue over the shreddedeats the cereal inevitably left behind.

Etymology: shredded wheat altered to emphasize "eat"

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Created by: glamgal23

Pronunciation: Shrillk-ed

Sentence: Sharp foods will shrillk your tounge.

Etymology: Shrill high pitched tone and shreik a utter cry. The things that happens when you get shrillked.

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Created by: bzav1

Pronunciation: junk - chur

Sentence: My enjoyment of the tortillas was compromised at this junkture by the extreme pain in the roof of my mouth.

Etymology: junk + puncture


like it - porsche, 2007-11-28: 15:57:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-11-27: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by xirtam. Thank you xirtam! ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-03-22: 00:20:00
Today's definition was suggested by xirtam. Thank you xirtam. ~ James

'Omigod! One just bit me!'

DEFINITION: n., A cut, or puncture wound on the roof of the mouth inflicted while consuming dangerously crunchy-sharp foods, like potato chips. v., To cut the roof your mouth while eating extra crispy snack foods.

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