Verboticism: Inirktion

'The gossip around here is awful.'

DEFINITION: v. To complain and complain about a problem without ever taking action to correct it. n. A complaint about something which you can fix but choose not to.

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: in-urk-shun

Sentence: The gals in the office belonged to the PissandMonaLisa Club - they all complained about the leaky faucet, but being prima donnas, felt it was someone else's job to report it. It was no big surprise when their inirktion turned the first floor into the new company swimming pool.

Etymology: inaction, irk

Points: 707

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Comments: Inirktion

galwaywegian - 2007-06-15: 05:57:00
bad case of inerktia i'd say

Clayton - 2007-06-15: 07:58:00
It's words like these that help me find my inirk child.