Verboticism: Excalibre

'Whoa! Whoa! I thought we were breaking up?'

DEFINITION: v. To engage in intimate activities with your "ex", even when you know that you will never, ever, get back together again. n. Intimate activities undertaken with an ex-lover

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: eks-kal-uh-ber

Sentence: Jill has fond memories of the men in her life. She rates them with her unique system labeling each with an excalibre rating based on their abilities with Excalibur. Jimmy was her .22, fun to play with but not too serious. When she wants something serious she will call her .44 magnum or .50 Cal.

Etymology: ex (former) + calibre (the diameter of a cylindrical body, esp the internal diameter of a tube or the bore of a firearm) a play on Excalibur the sword of King Arthur

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