Verboticism: Moxiemoron

'I must admit that I find you very attractive'

DEFINITION: v. To send out confused or conflicting signals when driving or dating. n. A person who signals their intentions to do one thing, then does something else completely different.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: mok see mor on

Sentence: Raoul was a moxiemoron when it came to matters of driving and courtship. He wanted to get married, but picked women who didn't. He wanted to get his driver's license, but failed to pass his test, because he did not study the highway code. Was he doomed to always spend his life with just a learner's license? Not quite qualified and driving the wrong way on the one way street of love?

Etymology: Moxie (fortitude and determination) & Oxymoron (conjoining contradictory terms) & Moron (a person of subnormal intelligence)

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