Verboticism: Annunull



Created by: thegoatisbad

Definition: n., The shock and embarrassment felt after innocently implying that you are much younger, only to discover that everyone actually knows how old you really are. v., To be embarrassed when caught lying about your age.

Pronunciation: an-ye-nul

Sentence: You are cordially invited to Kimberly's annunull birthday party! Come celebrate as Kimberly turns 27, again. Kimberly is registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond; Hancock Fabrics; and the Birkenstock outlet. Party starts at 4:30. BYOB. Park down the street.

Etymology: annual (happening yearly) + null (amounting to nothing)

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Comments: Annunull

Nosila - 2010-04-23: 23:24:00
Happy Annunull, Kimberly!