Verboticism: Snactkins

'Why are you licking your pizza?'

DEFINITION: v. tr. To eat in a peculiar or ritualistic manner in an effort to lose weight while consuming more. n. An idiosyncratic method of eating, usually adopted for "health reasons".

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: sn - akt - kins

Sentence: Rosalie decided to go on the Snactkins diet. It was based on the Atkins diet but it allowed her to act like she was on a diet, while eating little snacks 10 times a day.

Etymology: snack, act, Atkins

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Comments: Snactkins

mrskellyscl - 2010-01-14: 09:40:00
very clever

Nosila - 2010-01-14: 21:50:00
I feel like having a snack now...