Verboticism: Comapose


Created by: jrogan

Definition: v. To be physically overcome by a sudden illness, disability, or even death when asked to participate in unrewarding activities -- like work, or household chores. n. A person who gets sick when asked to work.

Pronunciation: koh-ma-poz

Sentence: Mitchell would go completely comapose whenever his wife asked him to do any chores around the house. This was relatively benign, until one day when they were driving home from cottage, and his wife thoughtlessly asked him if he could cut the grass when they got back to the city. He had just pulled into the passing lane, when he lost consciousness...

Etymology: comatose + pose (i.e. fake posture, stand still and do nothing)

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Comments: Comapose

Nosila - 2009-08-03: 22:58:00
A Coma-ly word indeed!

mweinmann - 2009-08-04: 07:34:00
great work, get my vote.