Verboticism: Sticktwit


Created by: TJayzz

Definition: n. A person who succeeds not because of their talents, but because they just won't quit. v. To firmly believe in your talents and never give up on your goals, despite the huge obstacles, snide comments, and repeated setbacks.

Pronunciation: Stik-twit

Sentence: Malcolm was a complete sticktwit, no matter what went wrong he would stick at it until he got it right, even if it took months.

Etymology: Stick(adhere to) + Twit(foolish) = Sticktwit. See also stick to it

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Comments: Sticktwit

Nosila - 2009-06-11: 10:57:00
good one, welcome back, TJayzz!

Jabberwocky - 2009-06-11: 15:47:00

mweinmann - 2009-06-12: 07:47:00
enjoyed this one.....

TJayzz - 2009-06-12: 15:27:00
Hello all, great to be back. Thank-you for good comments.