Verboticism: Dorkmeister



Created by: metrohumanx

Definition: v. To focus on your weaknesses, rather than your strengths. n. A person who is obsessed with their perceived deficiencies, and works hard to ensure that everyone else understands and appreciates their failings.

Pronunciation: DORK- my-ster

Sentence: We don’t need convincing – The self- analyzer… Who mocks himself daily’s A real DORKMEISTER!

Etymology: DORK+MEISTER= DORKMEISTER.....Dork: perhaps alteration of dick Date: 1967.....MEISTER: one who is delusionally knowledgeable about something specified; Yiddish mayster & German Meister master, from Middle High German meister, from Old High German meistar, from Latin magister.

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Comments: Dorkmeister

metrohumanx - 2009-06-10: 05:52:00
I'm not surprised that nobody likes the DORKMEISTER. What's to like?