Verboticism: Beloathed



Created by: artr

Definition: v. To fall out of love with someone because you have finally realized that they are nothing but trouble. n. A vicious lover who has big problems and likes to share them with you.

Pronunciation: bəlōthd

Sentence: Their love had gone full cycle, from betrothed to bedazzled to beloathed. These days nothing gives them more satisfaction than sucking the joy out of each others lives.

Etymology: betrothed (enter into a formal agreement to marry) + loathed (feel intense dislike or disgust for)

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Comments: Beloathed

abrakadeborah - 2009-05-10: 06:42:00
WHY don't you vote at all? You never did answer my private message...Am I missing something here? HOW do you get to the top all the time and NOT vote? Do you have your entire office sign on and vote as soon as you post your word? You're a talented writer come on now VOTE for some of us newbies :))