Verboticism: Querylyevident

'Hey, do you work here?'

DEFINITION: v. To ask someone who is clearly in a store uniform, perhaps on a ladder creating a display or running a cash register "Do you work here?" n. A person who doesn't know how to ask for assistance in a retail store without asking a stupid question.

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: kweer/lee/ev/i/dent

Sentence: Even though Sam stood at the crosswalk in his bright orange vest with the yellow reflective stripe which said Crossing Guard, holding a giant stop sign, pedestrians would still pose the querlyevident question "Are you the Crossing Guard"? Sometimes it made him feel like running amok in traffic.

Etymology: query + evident + 'clearly evident'

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Comments: Querylyevident

abrakadeborah - 2009-03-27: 22:49:00
LOL! made him feel like running amok in traffic. GOOD ONE!

kateinkorea - 2009-03-28: 00:00:00

silveryaspen - 2009-03-28: 15:00:00
play on the oft said 'fairly evident', too. Excellent word!