Verboticism: Wrinkledinkcream

'Wow! This anti-aging cream really works!'

DEFINITION: n. Creams, potions, and other concoctions which allegedly mask the effects of aging. v. To apply creams to your skin in a desperate attempt to make yourself look younger.

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Created by: kateinkorea

Pronunciation: RIN keul DINK CREME

Sentence: The instructions say that according to the "Law of Getting Attractive" that if I catch on to the Sheecret and have positive thoughts and feelings then this cream will work. But this darn wrinkledinkcream isn't working at all. I've been putting it on for days now and staring at this picture of Angelina, and trying to imagine myself young and beautiful staring back at me. Its a lot of hard work and I still don't look any better.

Etymology: RINKY DINK: a slang term meaning 'anything that is shoddy, cheap, worn-out, corny, or cheap in quality' WRINKLE CREAM: cream to take away wrinkles

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