Verboticism: Ornerarity

'Look out! Here comes a truck!'

DEFINITION: v. To habitually object to and contradict other people's statements, especially if they include any facts or opinions. n. A person who finds fault what other people say no matter what it is, and lets them know it.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: or ner rare itee

Sentence: Jim said, "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How do you know if it's dripping or raining?" Said Mary to Jim: "Jim, Jim, you knew when you met me, I am full of ornerarity!" "But Mary", said Jim,"Just because you are full of Contrarity, do not let that oncoming truck knock you into eternity!" Said Mary to Jim " It's not a truck but a delivery van, driven by my brother Stan!" Said Jim back to Mary, "Your Contradictator ways will be the end of you!" To which Mary replied, "I'd rather end my life at 32 than give up on any chance to argue!!!"

Etymology: Ornery (having a difficult and contrary disposition) & Rarity (noteworthy scarcity; something unusual)

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Comments: Ornerarity

silveryaspen - 2009-01-05: 12:46:00
Kudos for silly rhymes and smiles!