Verboticism: Methuselize

'Well Doc, will I ever be young again?'

DEFINITION: v. To spend years and years wishing you could be young again, only to discover that it's actually happening, but not exactly as you imagined. n. The fear the you are getting so old that people will start treating you like a baby

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Created by: pungineer

Pronunciation: meth/thooz/al/eyes

Sentence: Henry felt as fit as a fiddle, since retiring he had taken up hangliding, white water rafting and book keeping, he felt as young as a kitten. His wife felt like she was going through a strange second stage of motherhood as she was keeping Henry in adult incontinence drawers so he could do all his activities with confidence... Her health care provider told her it was a classic case of methuselism.

Etymology: Methuselah - really old fictional character + ise - overused verbotomy suffix thanks for Ozziebob's inspiritional sentence...

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Comments: Methuselize

Jabberwocky - 2008-08-14: 12:25:00
very nice