Verboticism: Identichief

'Jennifer? You've changed your hairstyle! I like it!'

DEFINITION: v. To seek approval from your boss by emulating their style, mannerisms or affectations. n. A person who copies their boss's style in order to win favor.

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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: I-den-tee-cheef

Sentence: Everyone thought that Martin had lost the plot when they saw that he had started to identichief the boss by dressing exactly the same and even dyeing his hair grey in order to look like him. But Martin had the last laugh when his crafty ploy worked and the boss promoted to head of his section thus doubling his salary.

Etymology: Identical(exactly alike or the same) ORIGIN Latin identicus + Chief(the head of an organisation, having the highest rank or authority) ORIGIN French from Latin Caput 'head' = Identichief

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Comments: Identichief

scrabbelicious - 2008-08-07: 04:59:00
Put that thief back where you borrowed it chief, word.

metrohumanx - 2008-08-08: 07:12:00
I hope Martin was demoted to low man on the scrotum pole.