Verboticism: Lattetude



Created by: petaj

Definition: n. A person who regularly sulks inside cafes and coffeehouses all day, contributing nothing more to their world than a pout. v. To glower angrily at the state of world affairs while remaining inactive and unemployed.

Pronunciation: lat-ay-tude

Sentence: Naomi thought it very fashionable and cool to adopt lattetude. So after her community service in the sanitation department she took to hanging around cafés adopting poses and pouts to convey her disinterest in everything, while spending a fortune on café lattés.

Etymology: latté (milky coffee) + lassitude (lack of emotion or interest) + attitude (posture of the body)

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Comments: Lattetude

Rutilus - 2008-05-16: 11:12:00
Absolutely splendid

Nosila - 2008-05-16: 08:37:00
Like it a latte!

stache - 2008-05-16: 08:59:00
let me espresso my agreement (ouch)

Jabberwocky - 2008-05-16: 10:11:00
very nice