Verboticism: Crassistant


Created by: galwaywegian

Definition: n. A cashier or customer service representative who is so busy chatting with their friends or coworkers that they ignore their customers. v. To be serviced by a very annoying customer service representative.

Pronunciation: krass issss tant

Sentence: The crassistant finally gave her the attention she had been trying to attract for the previous twenty minutes. In less than one minute he managed to detatch the barbecue tongs from what was left of his manhood, gift wrap it and hand it to her with such a dazzling smile that she didn't carry out plan b after all. she left the store, dropping the garlic crush on the floor as she walked out.

Etymology: assistant, crass

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Comments: Crassistant

didsbury - 2008-05-13: 13:53:00
Great word gww!

Jabberwocky - 2008-05-13: 15:37:00
She didn't give him much choice as she had him in a eunique position. Just lucky she didn't threaten him with a castrato iron fry pan

Tigger - 2008-05-13: 17:45:00
...or the dreaded brissket pan. Excellent word — great sentence too. Girl's got attitude!

Nosila - 2008-05-13: 23:28:00
Sometimes, you've just gotta grab their attention...