Verboticism: Mambition

'You're perfect, but you just don't listen!'

DEFINITION: v. To be offered regular encouragement, unwavering support and subtle but unrelenting criticism based on the worry that you may not be realizing your "full potential". n. The helpful but sometimes annoying advice given by a mother to a child.

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Created by: didsbury

Pronunciation: mahm-bishun

Sentence: I know that you want me to go to Law School Mom, you have reminded me on a regular basis for 15 years! Okay, you only want the best for me but your mambition is getting out of control.

Etymology: Combination of Mam (Northern English for Mother) and ambition. See also: dadmonishment.

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Comments: Mambition

galwaywegian - 2008-05-09: 06:22:00
Nice one didsbury.

OZZIEBOB - 2008-05-09: 09:32:00
I like too: good word.

Nosila - 2008-05-09: 21:40:00
good should make us all mambitious!