Verboticism: Hypercyclophilia

'Is that toilet paper on your clothesline?'

DEFINITION: v. To compulsively wash and excessively reuse "disposable items", like paper cups, plastic utensils or kleenex tissues. n. An obsessive compulsion to reuse disposable items, often combined with a disposal inhibition.

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Created by: arrrteest

Pronunciation: hi-per-siek-lo-fil-ee-uh

Sentence: Rosemary looked on with surprised doubt. She knew her friend Nancy was an artist, and thus automatically ignored some of her many idiosyncrasies, but this was too much for her to process: The toilet paper on the clothesline, the mound of used teabags on the counter, the dishwasher full of plastic spoons and forks, and the cabinet full of used paper plates. After some discussion, she found out some more items from the hypercyclophillia T.M.I. files -- what she did on her early to light flow days, dental floss, and her newborn's baby wipes.

Etymology: hyper, over and beyond + cyclo, from recycle + philia, love of

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Comments: Hypercyclophilia

pieceof314 - 2008-04-18: 08:57:00
I'm afraid to ask what they did for family planning!