Verboticism: Showmethemumble

'We played our A-Game today! Luckily there were a lot of "a" words. '

DEFINITION: v., To speak in an inspirational but perhaps incomprehensible manner by stringing together a series of grunts and clichés. n., An inarticulate TV or radio, post-game interview, typically given by a panting, toothless, sweating, verbally-challenged, and hugely overpaid, athletic superstar.

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: show-me-thuh-mum-bul

Sentence: he was an outstanding athlete, but it was well known that in every interview he would showmethemumble

Etymology: show me the money, mumble

Points: 506

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Comments: Showmethemumble

bookowl - 2008-02-04: 16:02:00

silveryaspen - 2008-02-05: 07:40:00
My favorite! Cuts right to the heart of it all ... the money!