Verboticism: Bloopervise


Created by: purpleartichokes

Definition: v., To facilitate camaraderie among your colleagues by making fun at your boss's expense, only to discover that you-know-who is standing right behind you. n., A professional faux pas made with the best intentions.

Pronunciation: blu-pur-vise

Sentence: It is not a good idea to bloopervise if your boss's last name is Trump.

Etymology: blooper, supervise, improvise

Points: 431

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Comments: Bloopervise

Mustang - 2007-11-23: 08:21:00
That's it! A blooper aimed at the supervisor...uh...or the Bloopervisor?

purpleartichokes - 2007-11-23: 09:00:00
In my case, a snoopervisor... always asking me personal questions.

Tigger - 2007-11-25: 18:54:00
Classic word -- love it!