Verboticism: Holograham


Created by: Jabberwocky

Definition: v., To avoid unwanted interruptions (visits, calls, or emails) by pretending to be unavailable, unreachable or unconscious. n., A person who pretends they are not home in order to avoid talking to someone.

Pronunciation: hollow/gray/am

Sentence: Graham was a very shy person turning into a holograham when confronted with his insecurities.

Etymology: hologram (sometimes you see it- sometimes you don't) + graham + hollow

Points: 269

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Comments: Holograham

OZZIEBOB - 2007-10-20: 18:16:00
Like the thought behind this one. Does Graham have a female counterpart!

petaj - 2007-10-22: 03:37:00
that might be Holograndma (an elderly hermit), or Hollygram.