Verboticism: Healmeal

'I ate ten bowls of cereal before I was satisfied.'

DEFINITION: To eat your favorite food, not because you are hungry, but because you are feeling sad or lonely.

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Created by: shiftysquid

Pronunciation: Pi-tee-gorj

Sentence: When those bastards fired me, I just went into pitygorge mode with that jug of ice cream.

Etymology: Pity + gorge

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Created by: cmcesq

Pronunciation: Wo-bee-gorj

Sentence: Ever since we broke-up, all I do is sit around in my pajamas and woebegorge.

Etymology: Woebegone + gorge

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Created by: sparkles510


Sentence: My poor brother did nothing but emotiomunch after his rejection.


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Created by: Scrumpy

Pronunciation: dohl-druhm-stik

Sentence: He was a doldrumsticker for months after his girlfriend left him.

Etymology: doldrum - (sad, listless) stick - (from drumstick as in chicken leg)


I think I would opt for the ice cream versions of drumsticks - nice word - Jabberwocky, 2007-09-05: 12:26:00


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Created by: angus

Pronunciation: in-dee-PREST

Sentence: I was home alone with nothing to do on a Friday night so I indeprested an entire bag of doritos.

Etymology: ingest + depress

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Created by: FreeToys

Pronunciation: pi' - tee - full

Sentence: When she finished the first half gallon, she kept eating because although she was full, she would never be Pityfull

Etymology: pity/pitiful/full


funny!! - Jabberwocky, 2007-09-05: 12:29:00


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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: gloom-EST-ee-bul

Sentence: When tristorexic Roxie told Bob that she wanted a divorce, he became gloomestible and started eating like a sumo wrestler. His friends tried to help him so he wouldn't noshalone, but their time was taken up phoning for takeaway to grubslake this gobindreary melancolivore.

Etymology: Blending of Gloom, comestible (with the suffix meaning "given to"): "given to eating/eatibles while feeling sad & gloomly).

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Created by: thebudman

Pronunciation: ee-mO-nur-ish-ment

Sentence: Even though I just ate, I couldn't help but engage in some good ol' emonourishment when I got home after my best friend told me he would be moving to Alaska.

Etymology: Emotional + Nourishment

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Created by: Pseudonym

Pronunciation: kwiz-uck-or

Sentence: "Don't knock prawns and ice cream; you have your cuisuccor, and I have mine."

Etymology: cuisine + succor


Great word but might be too cerebral for a lot of voters. - elron, 2007-09-05: 09:42:00


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Created by: elron

Pronunciation: cum-for-treet

Sentence: After I lost my job, my house burned down, my dog got hit by a truck, and my whole family was killed in a horrible industrial accident, I grabbed my Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey to comfortreat.

Etymology: comfort + treat

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