Verboticism: Flinger

'Whoa! Whoa! I thought we were breaking up?'

DEFINITION: v. To engage in intimate activities with your "ex", even when you know that you will never, ever, get back together again. n. Intimate activities undertaken with an ex-lover

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Created by: porsche

Pronunciation: con/dum/nun/drum

Sentence: To .... or not to .... that is the condomnundrum

Etymology: condom + conundrum

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: ree-manse

Sentence: When Gloria hads recurring bouts of regret over breaking up with Mark she engages him in remance, finding opportunities here and there to cuddle and make out, though she has no desire to rekindle the relationship itself.

Etymology: Play on the word 'romance' with prefix 're' - to do over

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Created by: ekath

Pronunciation: post-part-umm-uh-fek-shun

Sentence: Does she care that her postpartemaffection is ruining her current relationship? No, he knows he'll get the same special treatment...

Etymology: from post + apart + them + affection


It'd be better as two words, but good enough for a vote from me. - ErWenn, 2007-02-17: 08:07:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: eks-kal-uh-ber

Sentence: Jill has fond memories of the men in her life. She rates them with her unique system labeling each with an excalibre rating based on their abilities with Excalibur. Jimmy was her .22, fun to play with but not too serious. When she wants something serious she will call her .44 magnum or .50 Cal.

Etymology: ex (former) + calibre (the diameter of a cylindrical body, esp the internal diameter of a tube or the bore of a firearm) a play on Excalibur the sword of King Arthur

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Created by: ahwinters

Pronunciation: moor + plae

Sentence: Bill would call his ex Carol when he was in the mood for a little moreplay.

Etymology: More + Play (something like Foreplay)

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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: post-poned

Sentence: What is it with some girls and postpwning? Don't they know that there is no reason for it, and it is just unacceptable?

Etymology: post (as in after) pwned (as in the nerdy version of owned, from a typo in, I believe, a halo game.) It means, basically, to defeat an enemy.

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Created by: Mobelia


Sentence: While they continued to incinerelate at opportune times they knew the relationship was over.

Etymology: from incinerate meaning to rekindle, burn (and to go down in flames!) and relate: to couple, connect, cojoin

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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: kwaan daam boff

Sentence: Keely and Kevin were known for their quandamboffing because they knew eachother so well it was easier than pulling and starting all over again

Etymology: from quondam and boffing.

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Created by: toralora

Pronunciation: ehn/trex (like anthrax)

Sentence: He calls her whenever he wants some entrex, and she's usually up for it.

Etymology: to enter + ex (not nescesarily a rude word - it could simply be to enter an ex's life/house/bedroom ..etc).

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Created by: theyellowbunny


Sentence: John and Susan felt compelled to interbye knowing this is how high school reunions go.


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