Verboticism: Portraflecting

'That's me in the mirror. Oh my gawd, is that me too?'

DEFINITION: To take a picture of yourself, pointing a camera at yourself, while you admire yourself. Often done in the privacy of your bathroom.

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Created by: ahwinters




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Created by: twodigs

Pronunciation: nar-SIS-i-fi

Sentence: I like to narcissify before a date; it builds my confidence.

Etymology: from the Greek myth of Narcissus

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Created by: fonka99

Pronunciation: Nar-ciss-snap

Sentence: When Gail feels a bit low, a session of narcissnapping always works wonders on her mood.

Etymology: Narcissism and Snapshot


I just "joined" to see how big the group was behind this word. Now it seems I can't get out of the "group". Though I came up with the word independently I guess the first person ought to take credit. - vishalrix, 2006-12-26: 04:55:00


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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: my-space-moe-ment

Sentence: Sherry took a myspacemoment in the bathroom when she took a picture of herself in the mirror and admired it.

Etymology: myspace (where people go to admire themselves) + moment

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Created by: seifip

Pronunciation: photo l e fy

Sentence: I photolify myself in the privacy of my bathroom.

Etymology: photo + life

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Created by: Drock

Pronunciation: foe-TEE-goe-tiz-um (Foe and goe rhyme with "slow.")

Sentence: Even though she was Mandy's best friend, she hated it when her photegotism started to show.

Etymology: Photo, as in photograph. Egotism - excessive selfishness

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: salf-ah-door-trit

Sentence: He tried to invent a see-through camera so that his selfadortraits wouldn't seem so obvious

Etymology: self-portrait, adore

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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: vayn-oh-graf

Sentence: When you make a myspace or facebook you put up your vainograph if you are any self-respecting emo kid.

Etymology: vain+photograph

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Created by: Chistinalove

Pronunciation: cap - sur - siz - um

Sentence: I caught my niece while she was having a capturcism moment.

Etymology: to capture your own narcissism

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Created by: lynx13


Sentence: "egoshooting" is when you are big-head-photoshooting yourself


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