Verboticism: Yourfaulter

'You're melting my ice cream!'

DEFINITION: n. A person who blames their neighbors, coworkers, and/or parents for anything and everything that is wrong in the world. v. To lay blame on someone for something which is obviously beyond their control and influence.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /ˈbɔɪˌʍɪp/

Sentence: The boywhipper would blame his coworkers, his family, his friends, random passers-by, modern technology, politics, climate change, UFOs, supernatural beings, Murphy, and even himself on occasion but NEVER would he even dream of blaming his cat.

Etymology: To boywhip is to whip a whipping boy. A boywhipper is one who does so.


methinks you have a very cool cat ErWenn - Jabberwocky, 2008-04-24: 13:19:00


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Created by: warmfuzzykitten

Pronunciation: yor-fall-ter

Sentence: In a five-minute discussion of global warming, the yourfaulter blamed China, farting cows, heavy breathers, George Soros, the Illuminati, aliens, his parents, and that yappy dog down the street.


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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: folt-you-n

Sentence: Kate was shunned by her neighbours because they were tired of her faultuning them. They had tried to be friendly, but what could they do with someone who castigated them for the sun coming up later as Winter came on.

Etymology: fault + fortune (destiny, fate) + tune (she's not singing that same old song again?)

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Created by: stache

Pronunciation: āt'rə-bŭt'

Sentence: "You're such an attributt," Georg whined. Inga had just finished explaining why he was responsible for the rainstorm that soaked them as they dashed from their car to the bistro, and for the lack of nearby parking spots.

Etymology: 'attri,' var. of Atra, trade name for late 20th century shaving device; 'butt,' any of several flatfishes, esp. the halibut; literally, 'attributt' is 'to shave one's halibut.'


worth a vote for the etymology alone!! - galwaywegian, 2008-04-24: 07:20:00

What can I say? lol Good word. - Mustang, 2008-04-24: 22:13:00


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Created by: rebelvin

Pronunciation: extra+culp+deflect

Sentence: You're already late due to your own procrastination, don't waste even more time extraculpdeflecting.

Etymology: extraNEOUS+culpABLE+deflectION

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: lak youz

Sentence: As usual Sharon DeBlame always wanted to lackuse her fiance, parents, friends and relatives when things did not go her way, even though they had no control over these events. Her upcoming nuptials gave her a lot of fodder and turned her into a Bridezilla, a Bride of Frankenstein. By the time the big day rolled around, she had become impossible to live with and her fiance, Randy Foule, was seriously considering eloping with his best man, Ben Dover, just to escape the wrath of the hideous creature his innocent young fiancee had become!

Etymology: Lack (the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable or just not there) & Accuse ( blame for, make a claim of wrongdoing or misbehavior against;reproach)

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: kri/ti/size

Sentence: Sally was convinced that the world was doomed by thoughtless people and would often let her opinions out in carefully aimed citisighs. "odor" "mold" "dust" "waste of space"

Etymology: criticize + sighs


funny word! - wordmeister, 2008-04-24: 10:09:00

Nice word. - OZZIEBOB, 2008-04-26: 19:10:00


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Created by: Moonstar

Pronunciation: Blam-hore

Sentence: Tina was a sweet girl, but when that Blamhor idiot Gretchen spilled red wine all over her brand new wedding dress, then blamed Tina for making her do it, Tina snapped, chasing her round the room in her soiled dress on her big day.

Etymology: Blame, as in to place blame + Whore, as in prostitute or manwhore.

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Created by: jadespring



Etymology: from german stinkfinger.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: sky fawlt

Sentence: When the sun made her ice cream cone drip, Betheny did the old skyfault trick...blame the sky, cause it holds the sun for melting the ice cream, which would not have happened if she had just eaten it right away.

Etymology: Sky (wild blue yonder) Fault (Blame;culpability) & Wordplay on Skyfall (latest James Bond Movie)

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