Verboticism: Politiwrap

'I do not need or use deodorant.'

DEFINITION: n A lie told by a politician which is not really a lie, because in their heart of hearts, they are pretending it is true. v. To believe you are telling the truth even though you know it's really not.

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Created by: aj3131

Pronunciation: Pol-lit-lie

Sentence: Bill Clinton told a Politlie when he uttered the infamous phrase "I did not have sex with that woman."

Etymology: Polit(ician) + Lie

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Created by: Osomatic

Pronunciation: flib

Sentence: Man, Bush tells a lot of flibs, but you just know he's convinced they're not lies.

Etymology: fib + glib

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Created by: jonobo

Pronunciation: politrick

Sentence: He politricked himself to believe in everything he said.

Etymology: politic + trick

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Created by: joshms

Pronunciation: heart-felt-doot-speak

Sentence: Everything that comes out of Blair's mouth is complete heartfeltdootspeak


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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: fab REE cat er

Sentence: “I smell well the stink my predecessor has produced and will clear the air with fresh, new, ideas!” Like many moldy fabricateurs, he had begun to deny his speeches had become stale. Believing his old lies became an important stench-masking device.

Etymology: From: fabricate and -eur.


Absolutely Fabrilous, Sweety Dahling! - Nosila, 2009-10-08: 23:03:00


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Created by: iwasatripwire

Pronunciation: chrooth-izm

Sentence: Atheists think that when Christians talk about the existence of God, they're really just spewing truthisms.

Etymology: truth + ism

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: ba-LO-na-mo-nee

Sentence: When he was running for office, he gave an oathspiel about how he cared about the environment; when he was elected, I realized it was just his bullief and nothing more than balonimony.

Etymology: baloney (a lie), testimony


good one as usual! :-) - toadstool57, 2007-03-22: 07:47:00

Fantastic. - ErWenn, 2007-03-22: 08:02:00

Clever. :-) - jedijawa, 2007-03-22: 21:53:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: pälītishən

Sentence: How can you tell when a polieticians are not telling the truth? Their lips are moving.

Etymology: politician (a person who is professionally involved in politics) + lie (an intentionally false statement)


Excellent word and sentence - splendiction, 2009-10-08: 22:34:00


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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: fib-DEL-i-tee

Sentence: Fred was the consummate politician telling all new parliamentary members daly, that if you are must lie to the electorate, do it with spincerity. For, after all, you're doing it for their good, aren't you? Although, it cannot be said that Fred didn't have a political conscience, refusing to employ a spin-doctor, preferring to weave his own brand of fibdelity. But the most important piece of political wisdom he shared with his party's novice "gravy-trainers" was that, in the end, all that really counts in politics is having the numbers.

Etymology: FIB: to tell a white lie & FIDELITY: trust, trueheart, integrity.


Another belter there Ozziebob! Superb stuff - Rutilus, 2008-06-12: 11:28:00

fantastic - Jabberwocky, 2008-06-12: 11:40:00

love it! - galwaywegian, 2008-06-12: 14:30:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: itz - no - FACT - oh

Sentence: Senator Hornblower had been hawking his latest trumped up gimmick for so long he had polished the delivery to the point that even he himself could no longer separate fact from fiction and his spiel was itsnofacto truth in his mind.

Etymology: It's + no + on 'ipso facto'...'by the fact itself; by the very nature of the deed'


Great word! - TJayzz, 2008-06-12: 08:27:00

very funny - rolls off the tongue - Jabberwocky, 2008-06-12: 11:40:00

Ah, many's a good story is ruined by sticking to the factos...good word - Nosila, 2008-06-12: 20:38:00

Very clever - luv it! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-06-13: 08:25:00


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