Verboticism: Lambastard

'Look out! Here comes a truck!'

DEFINITION: v. To habitually object to and contradict other people's statements, especially if they include any facts or opinions. n. A person who finds fault what other people say no matter what it is, and lets them know it.

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Created by: CanadianAndyCapp

Pronunciation: Gayn-say-a-holl-ik

Sentence: Because the historian was so determined to have his theories adopted as "fact", he habitually attacked other researchers work to the point that he became a gainsayaholic.

Etymology: Gainsay- I'm right, You're wrong, They're totally out of their tree! / aholic- Drunk on ego


Great etymology ... great definition for aholic! Great aspect to portray ... very perceptive! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-11: 21:49:00


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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: nay - play - er

Sentence: Patience and Archer were playing Scrabble. Archer added a 'n' to dam. "Bad word" observed Patience. "Good Word" Archer grumpled. Patience added 'a-t-i-o-n' to the damn, racking up a triple word score. "Nice big score" Patience crowed. "Rotten for me!" Archer cried, shooting it down. "I win" declared Patience. "Lose her" Archer murmurred, then asked "Another, game? Yes?" He was so exassperating, such a nayplayer! "No way!" Patience contrahit him back!

Etymology: Nay: negative response. Player: one who takes part. PLay on the expression nay sayer.


nice word - Jabberwocky, 2008-03-11: 12:22:00

Short,simple and apt! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-11: 19:08:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kwib bells and blitz

Sentence: Mary, Mary quite contrary,walking around in your underwear; You quibbleandblitz on any topic and that makes your friends all swear; You quibbleandblitz about French Impressionists and other subjects that makes your friends mad; When you quibbleandblitz it leaves such a bad Impression and that is really sad; You quibbleandblitz your friend, Vincent on such a rainy day, You quibbleandblitz one more time and then carelessly make your getaway; You quibbleandblitz that a little rain and cold is not your foe; You quibbleandblitz one last time, until he yells, Go, Van Gogh!

Etymology: Quibbles (an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections and to argue over petty things and Blitz (attack suddenly and without warning)...rhyming with Kibbles & Bits (just to make you hungry)


libertybelle So clever! - libertybelle, 2008-03-11: 08:43:00

Great sentence and etymology. Funny and fun! Outstanding! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-11: 14:50:00

Good word. - OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-11: 19:09:00

mighty fine! - diyan627, 2008-03-11: 21:07:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: NEG-uh-tif

Sentence: Ferdinand always seemed to be sporting a negative attitude and no matter what topic came up he'd invariably launch an often juvenile and always bitter negatiff with acrimonious and rude contradictions.

Etymology: Blend of negative and tiff


good word blend, know a few negatiffers myself! - mweinmann, 2009-01-05: 16:24:00


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Created by: ericman




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Created by: karenanne

Pronunciation: LAM bas terd

Sentence: John is a lambastard who tends to angrily dismiss or criticize everything he hears. If he can pick apart any detail and prove you wrong, he will. He doesn't even seem to really be enjoying himself - he just seems pissed off all the time. He still hasn't figured out that being friendly is sometimes more important than being right.

Etymology: lambaste (to criticize severely, berate harshly) + bastard. Yes, OK, I know that the first word is correctly pronounced "lam' bast," with a short "a," but I just couldn't resist. Anyway, the alternative was "contradickt," and I already used "dick" this week.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: nay burr

Sentence: noah was our next door naybour, sometime he was our nayboor. before he sold his horse he was, on occasion, our neighbour.

Etymology: neighbour, nay


Nay burr ... one who deserves the cold shoulder! Very punny fun sentence! - silveryaspen, 2009-01-05: 12:44:00

Noah was a naybore and a nayboar, too! - Nosila, 2009-01-05: 18:07:00


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Created by: DiPpO


Sentence: The teacher dismissed the students remarks, stating that his contrattitude would get him trouble some day.

Etymology: contra + attitude, no need for explenations, is there?


Brings that negative attitude right out of the lines of the definition. Great word! - silveryaspen, 2008-03-11: 20:59:00


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Created by: youmustvotenato

Pronunciation: Anal-linguist

Sentence: Must you really be a smartmouth like that? You're such an analinguist

Etymology: Anal-uptight linguist-language

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Created by: brasstax82

Pronunciation: hip-stir-ject-shun

Sentence: Tom quickly realized in the apple store that the rumors he heard weren't as stupid as he thought, but he was just falling victim of constant hipsterjection after hipsterjection.

Etymology: Hipsters- Duches that constantly correct or disagree with people. Objection- to disagree with

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