Verboticism: Pronehoundsiation

'Ooopy goopy poopy poo.'

DEFINITION: n An invented language similar to baby talk, used by pet owners to communicate with their pets. v. To speak to an animal using an invented language.

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: fur-en-gee

Sentence: Sally spoke a combination of English and Furengi to her dog, Quarky, which left the poor pooch quite confused. It's no wonder why he took a crap at the vet's office when told to "sit".

Etymology: Ferengi (of Star Trek), fur


wowza, that's got all sorts of awesome going for it! - jadenguy, 2007-06-08: 09:32:00


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Created by: surdut


Sentence: It's an enigma to me why people speak to their animals in anigmalia.


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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: pet-twa

Sentence: Madeleine took her tiny dog off to Paris in her handbag and spoke to it lovingly in petois to stop it barking on the Metro. It was a curious mix of French and doggy noises.

Etymology: pet + patois (non-standard speech/creole)


good one. - texmom, 2007-06-08: 07:19:00

Excellent word petaj - hmm... I wonder why you have pet in your pseudonym - perhaps petios is your second language - Jabberwocky, 2007-06-08: 09:05:00

today is a day when good words truely run a plenty. i wish i'd've come up with something this good. stupid television filling my brain with laughter and not verbotomies. - jadenguy, 2007-06-08: 09:37:00

You're just lucky I work all day--that word was my first instinct! - mplsbohemian, 2007-06-08: 20:15:00

petaj petois occurred to me straight away when i checked the cartoon before leaving work. Then I had to go to tennis and didn't get home for a couple of hours, so I was hoping that no one else would think of it. - petaj, 2007-06-08: 22:18:00

petaj I'm embarrassed to admit that my only second language is verbotomese. Typically in Australia, most of us have not become fluent in anything but English. - petaj, 2007-06-08: 22:29:00


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Created by: deano1991

Pronunciation: Puh-Pish

Sentence: Puppish is really annoyinh

Etymology: Puppy + ish (as in English)

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Created by: judyb

Pronunciation: shugg a dee

Sentence: Shuggadee ! You look great !


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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: peht spur anto

Sentence: she could speak both petsperanto and pigeon English, but rarely had anything of interest to contribute.

Etymology: esperanto, pet


love it - Nosila, 2010-01-04: 09:27:00

karenanne Good work - I thought of this one too, then went in to read the words and saw that you had already posted it! - karenanne, 2010-01-04: 12:15:00

wonderful word.....gets my vote. - mweinmann, 2010-01-04: 20:16:00


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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: ZOO-yak

Sentence: Bob preached that by means of Zooyak, his zoomenhoff-like language, the wolf shall lie down with the lamb.

Etymology: Blend of ZOO: (Gk) an animal & YAK (slang): to talk, chatter


metrohumanx BOOYAH for ZOOYAK and Preacher Bob! You've outdone yourself, Ozziebob. - metrohumanx, 2008-08-01: 06:49:00

Very good, critterally speaking. - Mustang, 2008-08-01: 16:32:00

Oogachukka for zooyak, Bob, wolves love ewe! - Nosila, 2008-08-01: 19:10:00


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Created by: iago150


Sentence: I wish she weren't so furbose with her animals. His constant furbosity with Lassie drove his girlfriend crazy.


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Created by: Zer22

Pronunciation: Bay-P-Talk

Sentence: I talk to my pet in baypetalk everday!

Etymology: Baypetalk = Baby + Pet + Talk

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Created by: peterdiplaros

Pronunciation: Emphasis on the 'li'

Sentence: I made up some new animalingo today and I am going to try it out on my dog.

Etymology: Animal and lingo (language)

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