Verboticism: Ergotoxication

'Mommy, is Daddy playing dead again?'

DEFINITION: v. To be physically overcome by a sudden illness, disability, or even death when asked to participate in unrewarding activities -- like work, or household chores. n. A person who gets sick when asked to work.

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Created by: lennyjaxn

Pronunciation: Ley-zee-POS-uh-meyt

Sentence: The request of Mrs. Johnson for her husband to clean out the garage caused the unfortunate man to lazipossumate until she left.

Etymology: From the low German lasich - languid, and American Indian opposum - he who plays dead

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Created by: Flakey

Pronunciation: 'slOth-'I-t&s

Sentence: I beleive he is suffering from slothitus, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or "yuppie flu".


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Created by: solsticesword

Pronunciation: sponte-rigor

Sentence: The man succumed to spontyrigor with a sudden fit of coughs.

Etymology: From spontanious meaning unexpected and rigor mortise, a phase of death.

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Created by: msokoloffster

Pronunciation: Muhr - tish

Sentence: Mary couldn't breath when she was told her company was going on a group training day due to her muhrtish.

Etymology: Unknown...

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Created by: katied

Pronunciation: jib (like in sailing) er (like when flumoxed) i (like one of the ones you see with) tiss (self explanatory)

Sentence: The lazy bastard has a severe case of jibberitis

Etymology: Developed from the word 'jib' which has multiple meanings, one of which is 'to refuse to comply', thus a 'jibber' is one who refuses to comply. The addition of the suffix 'itis' shows the excessive preoccupation with, indulgence in, reliance on the art o

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Created by: truefedwa

Pronunciation: Sud-den-chor-at-tack-sen-drom

Sentence: "I'm sorry, ma'am. Your husband has Suddenchoreattacksyndrome. There's nothing we can do."

Etymology: Sudden+chore+attack+syndrome

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Created by: Kevcom2007

Pronunciation: lay/bour/seed

Sentence: Daddy Joe had a severe case of labourcede when it came time to do simple household chores, like getting off the couch and doing the dishes.

Etymology: labour + cede (surrender)

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Created by: GhostShip




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Created by: john621

Pronunciation: help-o-kon-dree-ak

Sentence: Everytime the lawn needs mowing you get a new disease, I think you're making it up you helpochondriac.


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Created by: J03Yvanalstyne




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